You Don’t Want To Miss Out On These Awesome Stiletto Nail Designs

Some people like to wear long nails with pointed tips, called stiletto nails. These might remind you of dangerous and clever people.

When discussing the shape of our nails, it’s easy to get mixed up with which is what. The pointy tapered design is most commonly mistaken for a coffin or almond shape. What matters is that stilettos don’t round off/flatten and are more commonly used as a reference point when discussing shapes. They’re all sharp angles and spiky tips. Thankfully not the frosted versions of the 90s. Although we couldn’t possibly pick just one design, here are some of our favorites for stiletto nails.

Neutral Double French Tip Stiletto Nails

With both French tips and an ombré, these nails will make you feel on top of the world. Like “ooh la!”

Pastel Lightning Nails

This pastel ombré manicure with rainbow and lightning bolt art is cute and shocking at the same time. Just like ribbon bows on an electric eel! Speaking of animals, have you seen our pet Sparky lately?

Stiletto Textured Matte Purple

We thought we had run out of puns after that last fruit post. But it appeared wasn’t so! Anyway, these purple high heels with a textured individual toenail look grape!

Pastel Skittle Stiletto Nails

Don’t know what color to wear? Skittles nails are the solution. These press-on nails come in five different colors so you can have a new look every day and just not worry about making choices. Purple’s awesome, everyone loves that color!

Neon Orange Stiletto Nails

Harnessing the best of both worlds? Support your bold in-your-face side and let your subtler, calmer side open up. Ever heard of that quote about the best of both worlds, maybe it was from Aristotle to Plato?

Celestial Stiletto Nails with an Evil Eye Accent

Some people paint a large eye on their nails to suck in negative energy but this manicure has a pointy eye, which makes it look like the most harmful nail polish in the world.

Heart Tipped Stilettos

This is a very chic take on French tips, and the shape of the stiletto nails does half the work for you! We’re much more okay with it than when Steve only did half of the work in our third-grade presentation together about dinosaurs.

Pinks and Teals Manicure

This beautiful color combo is taken to the next level with a hint of chrome and matte. We’re loving its unicorn design – it’s giving us major ‘treats’ for the eyes! The type of unicorn you only see at an EDM music festival in the desert with Diplo.

Neon French Tips

This is a veritable smorgasbord of styles! The only things missing from this buffet are some crab legs.

Ballerina Nails

Kylie Jenner’s signature nail shape is a ballerina’s nails. The nails are a bit like stiletto nails but without the pointy ends. These are called coffin nails or ballerina’s nails because they can look like coffins or a ballerina’s slipper.

Classic Stiletto Nails

Stilettos are all about the drama. Unlike a more curved shape, they taper into a point and have a wider base.

White Stiletto Nails

White nails are a timeless, classic choice. They’re easy to wear and can be worn with any outfit or occasion. White is a color that suits every skin tone and will never go out of style – it’s perfect for keeping the nail polish game fresh. This color can be done in a variety of ways – either opting for a simple white lacquer or more complex designs like ombre nail art. It’s also often associated with freshness, which is perfect if you’re getting over a break-up or starting afresh in other areas of your life.

Spring Stiletto Nails

Spring is a great season to reflect on life and grow, with all the rebirth that goes into it. It’s also beautiful, with lots of 3D flowers and pastel colors that can be used for beautiful and feminine nail art. There are many different possibilities. You can stick to pastels on natural nails if you want a simple manicure.

Get creative by creating interesting patterns or even adding a few flowers to your favorite nude base coat. There’s an endless amount of designs you can do, so have fun with it and add something that reflects your personality or the colors you love most. Wearing muted colors is a good idea, since they match well with any occasion, including formal occasions.

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