Are There Any Benefits Of Joining A Class Action Lawsuit?

Class action lawsuits allow various plaintiffs to file a case against a defendant for injuries caused by their actions or inactions. Class action lawsuits usually happen against big, multinational companies. Therefore, people are sometimes afraid of taking legal action against such powerful companies. A class-action lawsuit can give you strength.

Since many people group together to file a class-action lawsuit, you can have the company of many others who have suffered in the same way as you. If you are still doubtful about it, consider going through the benefits of joining a class-action lawsuit before deciding. For more information regarding the process, consult with an atlanta class action attorney.

Benefits of joining a class-action lawsuit

  1. The costs of litigation are significantly lower.

When you join a class-action lawsuit in Atlanta and file a case together with many other people, the money you spend on litigation is significantly lower than filing individually. The litigation costs are usually divided among the members of the class.

Therefore, the total costs, including an attorney, court, special witness cost, etc., can be divided. The shared expenses can benefit each class member.

  1. Similar recoveries for all.

One downside about filing a case individually is that you might receive a smaller settlement than someone who files for the same reason. In a class-action lawsuit, every class member receives the same damages.

In every legal case, every person suffers from different damages. You cannot expect to receive $50,000 just because your friend did. However, since all the plaintiffs accept the same recovery, you won’t miss out on the potential recovery.

  1. More experienced legal representation.

Handling class action lawsuits are no child’s play. It involves thousands of pages of legal documents and years to develop the case. Therefore, these cases are usually only handled by people who are highly experienced, talented, and knowledgeable in the field.

They have also gone through similar cases in the past, so they know what they are doing. This allows plaintiffs to have a strong legal representation, something which they might not get if they filed individually.

  1. Less time-consuming.

Since only one case is filed by a group of people, the time taken for litigation is comparatively less. For example, a legal case easily takes one year. If 100 people file the case individually, it will be time-consuming for both plaintiffs and judges. Thus, class action lawsuits take lesser cumulative court time and free judges for other cases.

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