Your Wellness Guide to Dentures: Cost, Cleaning, and More

Dentures have been around since the 7th century B.C. when the Etruscan civilization fashioned them out of animal and human teeth. However, the creation of this medical and cosmetic tool became a more popular choice by the 17th century in Europe, which was often made with ivory.

In the modern world, as technology has progressed, dental clinics fashion dentures using acrylic and resin, which are far more durable and easy to wear. Removable, convenient, and easy to clean, dentures have now gained popularity across the globe as the go-to product for patients suffering from permanent teeth loss and eating difficulties.

Once worn, they can aid in maintaining the structure of your face and help you chew and talk better. They can also give confidence to wearers as it will improve their smiles and speech impediments.

Denture Care

Today’s dentures are created with industrial and medical-grade materials that allow them to better withstand acidic environments and intense jaw and facial pressure. However, no matter how durable they may seem to be, as the owner, you still have to clean them for hygienic purposes and to increase their life expectancy.

Cleaning Tips

Compared to real teeth, dentures are more delicate and sensitive to abrasion and friction. When you’re cleaning it, make sure to use a soft-bristled brush and mild toothpaste to minimize the damage. Whitening toothpaste and bleaching products should always be avoided, as they contain peroxide and chlorine that can corrode your dentures.

Soaking it overnight in water is also a good way to disinfect and clean your dentures. However, you should use room temperature water only as hot water may cause the material to warp. Deformed dentures will cost you extra in refitting, or worse, the need to manufacture a new one. Dentures should also be taken off at night to allow your gums to breathe and rest.

Constantly wearing them may lead to bacteria accumulation and inflammation. Sure in the first 2 weeks, you may be told to wear them 24/7 to allow your mouth to adapt to the new material. However, after that, it will be better if you only wear them during the day.

Regular Dental Visits

Part of denture care is to also visit your dentist from Oakville or whoever is nearest regularly. These appointments will help you determine whether your body is adjusting well to your dentures.

Visiting your dentist can also help them resize and reshape the denture in cases of misalignment and wrong fittings. When it comes to denture choices, if only parts of your teeth are missing, then you should stick with partial dentures from London, Ontario. Its treatment and care are almost the same as ordinary dentures, but you have to be more careful with it, as it has a thinner and more delicate frame.

Denture Cost

Denture costs and prices vary widely depending on your clinic, location, and materials used. Factors such as availability and logistics also play a crucial role in how they’re priced, as acrylic and resin have to be sourced from a trusted entity as well.

And, if you want to have high-quality dentures, then you’ll have to pay a more expensive price as well, as it will require rare materials and sophisticated lab processes.

An average set of dentures may cost from $1,100 to $2,600, depending on the materials used. Additionally, for a proper denture fitting, some dentists may conduct pre-denture operations such as removing excess teeth or creating bone grafts, which can take up to 5 appointments.

You may also opt for 3D printing technology to fashion out a more accurate and well-sculpted set, but the price is expected to be more expensive as this is a novel application.

Insurance Coverage

When it comes to insurance, depending on what package you have, some of the companies may offer complete coverage for dentures. However, some may only pay for crowns and bridges.

The national governments can surely aid you in providing dental insurance, but on the matter of whether it’s totally free or not, you’ll have to consult with them. You can also contact your insurance provider regarding the information on denture repair and service coverage.

For you to find the most affordable deals, make sure to look up dentist reviews of Etobicoke clinics. Don’t just stick with the first dentist that you find, always consider other options and clinics.

If this will be your first time wearing dentures and you’re worried about the aftercare, costs, and appointments, then don’t. With today’s technology, you can choose the best options for materials and designs that will suit you well. Have a better smile and eat and speak well by having a proper set of dentures. Visit and arrange an appointment now with your dentist for fitting and design.

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