10 Critical Safety Tips for Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

When you’re traveling as a pedestrian, it’s easy to forget that you’re taking responsibility for both your safety and the safety of others within your community. Although some accidents will always happen, doing your part to stay safe will help you cut down on the rate of accidents in your community. To ensure you can do your part, here are ten critical safety tips for preventing pedestrian-involved accidents in 2022:

Walk On Well-Lit Paths

If you’re traveling in a poorly-lit area, the likelihood of you being in an accident, or becoming the victim of a crime goes up significantly. Understanding how to avoid paths where faulty lights or other safety measures exist becomes crucial in this regard. In any instance where a poorly maintained walking path causes you to get into an accident, you should contact the pedestrian injury legal team at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers immediately.

Use Safe Sidewalks

Even if a sidewalk is well-lit, other issues could make them dangerous to walk on. Massive cracks, missing pieces of sidewalk, water damage, and improperly maintained curbs can all cause dangerous scenarios for traveling pedestrians. Even if a curb is simply built too high off the ground, it can cause the potential for accidents to occur to shoot way up.

Never Jaywalk

Jaywalking may seem convenient, but every time that you take part in this illegal activity you’re putting drivers and other pedestrians in danger. Jaywalking can severely disrupt the flow of traffic, and even momentary distractions can lead to serious consequences where walkways are concerned. By doing your part as a pedestrian, and avoiding ever jaywalking, you’re making your community a much safer place to live.

Stay Vigilant

Whenever you’re walking near a roadway, or on a piece of public property, you need to stay as vigilant and aware of your surroundings as possible. Unless everyone does their part to keep the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic stable, the chances of someone being seriously injured will stay high. Given how frequently distracted living leads to major accidents every year, staying aware is one of your biggest responsibilities as a citizen.

Avoid Public Intoxication

When you’re intoxicated, your ability to behave in a reasonable, responsible manner is significantly diminished (even if you’re trying your best). If you cause or are involved in an accident while intoxicated, the chances of you being held legally responsible are much higher. For this reason, you should always contact a friend or rideshare for help anytime you feel that your level of intoxication puts yourself or others in danger.

Use Crosswalks

Trying to cross the road at any location other than a crosswalk is both highly illegal and incredibly dangerous. Even if you’re not technically jaywalking by not using a crosswalk, you are almost certainly breaking the law. Keep your wallet and body safe by taking the extra time to use the crosswalks that were built to keep yourself and other pedestrians safe and secure.

Obey all Traffic Laws

Even if you’re not behind the wheel, following traffic laws is a must. Doing so will help you maintain the flow of traffic, and will keep your body protected from vehicles. Being struck by a vehicle, even at a slow speed, can cause major damage to your body (and even death), so never take a chance with traffic laws as a pedestrian.

Share Your Walkways

When you’re using a sidewalk, you must stay aware of everyone else that’s using the sidewalk as well. By sharing your walkway, you help avoid moments where people are uncomfortable, or where they have to briefly walk on the road. By staying vigilant about protecting others, you’re helping yourself as well.

Stay Aware of the Weather

Inclement weather causes thousands of pedestrian-involved injuries every single year in the United States. If you’re going out for a walk or traveling on a sidewalk to somewhere nearby, you should always check the weather first. If the weather seems dangerous to travel in, you should stay indoors until the weather has passed.

Be Courteous

Lastly, you must always remain courteous when traveling as a pedestrian. Doing so helps to make your community a kinder place to live, and ensures that you keep your fellow community members safe from otherwise-avoidable accidents.

Do Your Part as a Pedestrian

By doing your part as a pedestrian in 2022, you can ensure that you avoid any devastating, avoidable accidents. In the unfortunate case that you find yourself in an accident through no fault of your own, you need to contact legal professionals ASAP so that they can get you the restitution that you rightfully deserve.

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