10 Most Amazing Unplanned Gifts For Your Father

The birthday gift that you are unplanned for your father, makes him astonished. Sometimes unplanned things give you so much happiness and joy, that your planned thing can’t give you.  Every person has less expectation from an unplanned gift because sometimes, a planned gift can give that astonishment, that you expect from it. Sometimes when you do not plan anything, and at the last minute, you just scroll down or have a look and buy it. Then the gift can have more impact than the planned gift. Many times this happens with you and others as well, that from the thing which you least expected. That thing gives you a higher astonishment than the plan. So give your fathers an unplanned gift on their birthday.


You can give this storm cloud to your father on his birthday. This storm is a thing that is not like other normal gifts. You can have this birthday gift online for your father. Storm clouds are mainly used in predicting the weather. It predicts the weather, whether it is a storm, wind, or any other type of weather. This is a type of gift, which comes from the time of your father’s childhood. This storm also looks very beautiful by the way.

Mars dust globe

This gift reminds you about that snow globe, but it is different from that globe. When your father shakes this globe, then the globe fills with dust. After some time, when the dust settles, your father can see one big astronaut and one child astronaut. Your father can see the sun, mountains, and hills of the mars. This gives hope that there may be life on Mars in the future.

Gardening tool kit

 This gardening tool kit can be a helper for your father when he is gardening. There are more than twenty tools that come in this kit. This tool kit has all the tools needed for gardening. Whether you talk about big tools or small tools, the kit has all the tools. You can give this tool kit as a birthday gift to your father.

Murder mystery puzzle

You can give this gift to your father on his birthday. You can tell him that you have to finish this murder mystery puzzle, before his upcoming birthday. You can also ask him to finish this murder mystery puzzle in a fixed time, which you decide for him. The puzzle in this book is in picture form. Your father has to place the right picture in the right place.

5 in 1 tool pen

This pen can solve your father’s five problems in just a small step. The pen has a screwdriver, ruler, pen, integrated bubble level, and capacitive touch for smart devices. Your father can keep this pen with himself when your father needs that specific tool for himself. Then he can use this tool.

Ring of celebration birthday glass

This glass has a printed ring of earth, tree-like. That tells your father as the family grows the happiness also grows more. Glass is a good choice for drinking soft drinks or wine. You can give this glass to your father on his birthday.

Pistachio pedestal

The gift is a favorite for your father, whether he has the habit of eating something from time to time. You can give this gift on their birthday with a birthday flower. As the gift has two levels, then the gift will be also two. In this gift, you can store pistachio in two ways because it has two levels. In the first level, you can store the pistachio by removing its covers. Your father can store the cover of the pistachio on the second level.

Grill bag

Yes, you heard right we are talking about a grill bag for your father as a birthday gift. The grill bag is more perfect than any other thing, for grilling food because it doesn’t let the food slip out of it. The food is store tight in the bag, for which the bag has a button-like element that does the job for it.

Eyeglass holder

You can give this eyeglass holder to your father as a birthday gift. This gift is used in holding his eyeglasses. The gift is made in a different amazing shape, which makes it very interesting to hold an eyeglass on it.

Handmade wooden foot massage

What about giving the father a handmade wooden foot massager, that massages his feet. This massager also gives him a touch of nature. The gift makes him relax and may remind him, of the day when he plays with a wooden toy.

So there are so many unplanned gifts that you can give to your father on his birthday, that astonishes him.

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