3 Best T-shirt Custom Company for Beginners


T-shirts are an essential item in our everyday wardrobe because of their versatility. The possibilities for design and creativity on T-shirts are endless as they can act as a blank canvas for works of art – something other types of clothing cannot do. The demand for self-expression and artistry is growing and making the market for custom t-shirts increasingly dynamic.

However, choosing the best custom T-shirt designer is still a dilemma for many people when custom T-shirt factories are springing up like mushrooms. We have reviewed and made the following recommendations to solve this problem and help people find the best one.

1.    RareCustom

Although newly established, RareCustom has quickly won the hearts of many users with excellent image quality and fabric.

What’s unique about RareCustom is many notable features that make it easy for users to design their own T-shirts. RareCustom has thousands of professionally designed templates with images, icons, colors… to unleash your creativity and help you create an entirely authentic theme/concept for your shirt.

In addition, with RareCustom, you can easily share your designs with friends or post them on social networks thanks to the  collaborator and share feature. At the same time, RareCustom also helps you keep all your drafts so you can go back and edit them whenever you want.

Not only strong in technology, but RareCustom is also created from the passion for fashion and the desire to express creativity, so each shirt here is carefully selected fabric and meticulously processed. Printed on the shirt is sharp, keeping the color long, making the T-shirt always as beautiful as new.

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Their customers are delighted and content with their service. They have a dedicated customer service team with 24/7  support and a partnership with a wide range of carriers, so they always deliver very fast, even sometimes even quicker than ready-to-wear t-shirt stores.

2.     Uberprints

Uber prints is an established brand in the custom T-shirt industry with over 8000 reviews and an average Trustpilot score of 4.6 out of 5.

UberPrints’ unique selling point is simple: User-friendliness. Their website is very neatly arranged and easy to use, with thousands of design templates divided into categories like funny, popular, sporty, geeky, and so on. This has made it possible for people who don’t have a design background to create their T-shirt like a pro.

In addition, UberPrints order processing and shipping times are also speedy. Your customized t-shirts and merch will be delivered to your door just a few days after you place your order.

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Customer Service is also something that UberPrints is hugely proud of when most customers ordering here are very satisfied and leave many good reviews on Trustpilot. They even guarantee quality and refund if something goes wrong. Customers can contact any day of the week from 9 am to 5 pm to request support, and they will reply immediately.

3.    DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a perfect option for both small and large orders. They have completed more than 400,000 projects, large and small, and this number is still increasing day by day.

What makes DesignCrowd different from today’s custom T-shirt companies is the interaction between buyers and designers. Currently, DesignCrowd has nearly 1,000,000 freelance designers worldwide with a variety of design styles for you to choose from. You can choose a designer by going to their profile and looking at their designs to select a designer who has the same taste as you. By that way, you can easily choose the best custom T-shirt designer for yourself.

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Not only a wide selection of designers, but the products on Design Crowd are also very diverse in price. Depending on your requirements and desires, you can choose a high or low price for your products.

Although offering different prices for each design, Design Crowd is committed to the quality of the shirt. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, feel free to complain to the company and receive your refund.


RareCustom stands out for the quality of its shirts and prints along with its exclusive design toolset; Uberprints offers an easy-to-use interface for everyone, and Design Crowd is unique in allowing interaction and choosing a network of designers. Each company has its own strengths and offers. To choose the right company and designs, you should research their websites, read reviews and see the designs they have done. Hope you have the best custom T-shirt designer for yourself soon!

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