Planning your wedding on a budget

If you’re sitting at your laptop now, wondering how you’ll possibly have the wedding of your dreams on your budget, fear not. Although the average wedding costs around £32,000, there are many hacks and top tips for having a truly magical day without spending thousands of pounds.

It might be vital to you invest in your wedding dress, in which case, there are other areas you can save money on, such as the photographer and even the wedding flowers.

Follow these top tips to start planning your special day – but the savvy way!

The venue

You don’t have to splash the cash to get married in a beautiful setting. Around the UK, there are hundreds of hotels, pubs and village hall wedding venues that can be styled and transformed for your wedding. They will be considerably more affordable compared to your top-end wedding barn. Take your time to search for a venue that meets all your requirements, budget and is in a good location for your guests.

Another critical element to consider is the time of year and the day of the week on which you get married. Summer is naturally the peak wedding season, but did you know that you can save £1,500 just by not getting married on a Saturday? No wonder 47% of couples now turn away from this once popular day!

The dress

For many people, the wedding dress is one of the most special parts of your wedding (apart from marrying the love of your life, of course!). You can find stunning dresses online from high-street stores and more traditional shops like Ronald Joyce wedding dresses. By checking the dresses in the sale and remaining open-minded about the shop you buy from, you can look beautiful at a bargain. To top it off, you can buy shoes to go with your dress for between £20-£50 from a high-street store such as New Look! Be even savvier – and organised – by waiting for key sales throughout the year, such as Black Friday, January sales and clearance.

It’s all about who you know

Everybody wants a quality photographer to capture this special day. It would be understandable to decide that this is where you want to invest the most of your wedding budget. But there are ways to spend less if you need to.

Most wedding photographers will charge at least a grand, but if you’re happy to, you could hire a student wedding photographer who will charge considerably less due to still being in training. Or perhaps your friend has a knack for photos, or is a professional photographer themselves? Asking them to support you with their time and skills rather than a gift is an extraordinarily personal and loving way to save costs.

The same goes for other key areas, such as your hairdresser friend or your sister who knows a florist. Perhaps your dad is a secret DJ who is finally ready to take the stage. It’s always worth asking, and it could create some exceptional memories!

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