3 Key Reasons Why Slatwall Gondola Shelving Will Help Your Retail Product Exposure

The job of shopfitters starts with identifying and estimating the available space, followed by an intensive analysis and then designing. The fitters who measure the space, analyse, and design the shopfitting are highly qualified professionals. They know the importance of appropriate shopfitting that grows your business and boosts your profit. However, choosing the right design and style for shopfitting are central to transforming your retail store.

Your perception and creative ideas on space management are vital. Creativity and aesthetic sense can do wonders for your space. The experienced fitters will give a proper shape to your ideas with their skills and imaginations.

If you own a retail store and intend to include Slatwall gondola shelving in your shopfitting you have truly taken a smart decision. However, you need to know everything in detail about slatwall gondolas, and different types of gondola shelving, and their advantages before you start fitting. Here is a precise description of gondola shelving and 3 key reasons why you should choose Slatwall gondola shelving to enhance your product exposure.

What Is Gondola Shelving And Their Different Types?

Gondola shelving is a vertically freestanding and flat base merchandise fixture that features slat walls, pegboards, and notches. Some gondola shelves come in adjustable features and you can relocate these shelves anywhere anytime you wish. Gondolas come in 3 different types namely:

  • Wall Gondola: Wall gondolas are traditional types and can come with single or several units. These units are usually backed by metal grooves and are considered durable and space saver.
  • Island Gondolas: These gondolas contain shelves on two sides and are placed strategically throughout the store. As they can hold comparatively more merchandise, they are considered high-capacity gondolas that attract the attention of the customers.
  • End Cap Gondolas: These are stand-alone gondolas and differentiate the products in the sale point. End caps are super space savers, attract the immediate attention of the customers, and are considered best for shopfitting.

Besides the three different types of gondolas, they also come with various types of shelves as per the requirement of the retailers. They are:

  • Slatwall shelves.
  • Gondola shelves.
  • Wire shelves.
  • Gravity-fed shelves.

3 Key Reasons Why Slatwall Gondola Shelves Are The Best?

1. Reason 1: Significantly Attract The Attention Of Buyers And Boost Your Sale:

Slatwall gondolas can be strategically placed anywhere and at preferred heights to attract the immediate attention of the customers. This provides the opportunity for the buyer to find his or her required merchandise easily and quickly.

The buyer also finds other similar or related products placed near their preferred product. Due to freestanding features and various shapes, styles, colours, and designs, the Slatwall gondola shelving is considered the best to engage buyers and boost sales.

2. Reason 2: Slatwall Gondola Shelves Are Super Space-Savers:

Space is the primary concern of a retailer in the store and Slatwall gondolas maximise the space while incorporating maximum merchandise into them. They are freestanding and often come with adjustable features.

So, you can place them and replace them anywhere anytime as per the space available or as required. This convenience of Slatwall gondolas allows you to maximise space in your retail store and readjust with the products for easy visibility of the buyers.

Slatwall gondolas effectively hold maximum weight and bulk of merchandise at a slot that can be organised systematically and aesthetically. You can also incorporate other Slatwall fittings and use clips and baskets to accommodate additional products. This can be a smart way to maximise free space in the store for the convenient and pleasant movement of the buyers.

3. Reason 3: Slatwall Gondolas Are Remarkably Versatile:

The Slatwall gondola shelves are popular because of their versatility to meet any emerging needs at any given time. You might require to frequently reshape and reinstall the Slatwall gondolas in the case of incorporating different merchandise.

You may also want to free a certain space in the store to manage the heavy traffic in festive seasons. Similarly, you might need to display the latest and new products that may need a certain type of readjustment on the gondola shelves. It can be truly daunting if you always call the professional fitter for your assistance.

On the other hand, professional fitters are not always required to rearrange and change the gondola settings whenever there is a need. Anybody with a bit of gondola Slatwall fittings or one of your employees can reassemble and reinstall it as per the requirement. This makes a Slatwall gondola unique for the retailers and plays a key role in boosting the business.

What Are The Other Advantages Of A Slatwall Gondola Shelving?

  • Slatwall gondola shelves offer abundant flexibility when you want to adjust them at a certain height and depth for the convenient display of your merchandise.
  • Gondola shelves are the most effective attention grabbers if you arrange them attractively in the store.
  • They suit all types of stores and can accommodate a variety of products. If you are dealing with multiple products like hardware and convenience items, groceries and hobby items, pet products, etc. they are the ones best for you.
  • Slatwall shelves are durable and can withstand robust use. They also support heavy loads.
  • You can use them with various Slatwall accessorieslike hanging pegs, hooks, wire baskets, shelf dividers, LED lights for a brighter display of your products.
  • Slatwall gondola shelves are cost-effective in comparison to other types of shelves. They do not require much maintenance and are easy to reassemble.
  • These shelves are proven as the safest shelving system due to their strong structure.
  • Another unique advantage of a slatwall gondola shelf is that you can conveniently display the product information and discount details of the products on the shelves right in front of the products.

Statistics say that 70% of buyers make their purchasing decisions in the store. Similarly, 93% of purchasing decisions are influenced by the appearance of the store, its shopfitting, and the display of products. Therefore, you must not only choose but give utmost importance to Slatwall gondola shelving for growing your business and boosting profit.


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