3 Reasons Why Mendix Technology is a Game-Changer for Your Business

Designed with low-code architecture, Mendixsolutionprovides a collaborative development platform for developing web and mobile apps at scale. This low-code application development solution has come at the right time when scalability and flexibility have become the key pillars of a successful business. With Mendix, enterprises can build apps in the most distinguished business areas and sectors, per the companies’ scalability needs.

Mendix technology is designed primarily to accelerate the software development lifecycle by streamlining the process and availing advanced collaborative tools that ease the development process, from ideation to product implementation and maintenance. Are you still doubting Mendix technology? Well, here are the top 3 reasons this game-changing low-code development platform is ideal for your business.

1.   Bring Scalability and Flexibility at the Core of Your Business

Modern businesses have to scale and flex to match the changing customer needs. If a company lacks these tenets, it will likely fail or lose its competitive power. The Mendix low-code application development solution is cloud-based. As a result, it supports flexibility by enabling you to deploy new applications and modify the existing ones when necessary.

Investing in such cloud solutions implies that you are ahead of time and expecting change, which is inevitable in modern times.The Mendix low-code application development platform provides flexible and scalable integration options closely tied to the guiding principles that allow the creation of new apps and connections to be easy and highly manageable. This low-code platform is equipped with the appropriate options and tools to help developers create integrations and apps they need with speed, high-level control, and collaboration.

2.   Build Enterprise Applications Faster and More Efficiently

A business’s last need in the modern era is application or software delivery delays. Some problems or changes need a quick response: otherwise, the company may miss out on potentially profitable opportunities. Mendix technology ensures this does not happen by accelerating enterprise application development and empowering your team to create faster and more efficient apps. This brings us to the next question:

How Does Mendix Technology Accelerate App Development?

Mendix platform has numerous tools and solutions to help you build cross-platform enterprise applications faster, despite getting more people involved in the app development lifecycle.Here are features and tools of this low-code platform that ease app delivery:

AI-Assisted Development

Mendix leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help businesses develop apps faster, maintaining high quality and consistency. Mendix’sAI-assisted development is called Mendix Assist and comprises several capabilities that operate as virtual co-developer bots.

Currently, Mendix Assist has two co-developer bots, each serving a specific domain of the app development cycle. Mendix MxAssist Logic bot (one of the virtual co-developer bots) is AI-powered to help developersmodel and configure their app logic or microflows. Also, it offers real-time, context-driven series of the next appropriate actions depending on the app logic designed and other context-based data.

The other virtual co-developer bot, MxAssist Performance Bot, is intelligent-driven to help you improve the performance of your application through real-time monitoring of project models against the Mendix platform’s best practices. This bot offers three levels of support, including:

  • Detection: MxAssist performance bot checks your models, identifies the issue(s), and highlights the element(s) causing the problem (s).
  • Recommendation: This bot explains the discovered issue and possible impact and recommends the possible ways to fix it.
  • Auto-fixation: When the user acknowledges the issue and approves the auto-fix functionality, the bot automatically implements the best practices and fixes the problem.

Mendix technologyallows your business to develop new solutions faster and with little effort, thanks to these AI capabilities. Also, you can quickly detect potential issues affecting your application performance, saving the time needed to manually scan the various app models and modules.

Reusable Components

The Mendixmarketplace provides an extensive repository of reusable elements that significantly accelerate app development productivity. What’s more, these components are openly shared on the Mendix community as commercial or free-to-use components. Some reusable features include connectors, modules, and widgets.

You can access Mendix Marketplace from the Mendix Studio Pro. These reusable marketplace elements can be loaded directly into your project model withone click. This saves a lot of time required to build your application from scratch.

So, with Mendix technology, your business has the upper hand in building apps using pre-built features and components. As a result, you can integrate new apps and changes in market demands faster than ever before.

Visual Modelling and Single Codebase

Mendix technology allows you to build apps using a model-driven drag-and-drop functionality. This saves time over hand coding because you can visualize the appearance of your app and drag features into it, which is impossible when using traditional manual coding.

What’s even more exciting is that you can combine mobile and web apps into a single application model using the same development tools and one codebase. Therefore, you don’t need different skillsets to develop mobile and web applications. Mendix applications have responsive user interfaces that can automatically adapt to the final user’s device. As a result, you don’t need to write different codes for mobile and web applications.

This feature allows you to build apps faster and minimize maintenance costs, something every modern business should consider if it is to become successful.

3.   Greater Customer Experiences

High competition in every sector makes it even harder to distinguish your business. With that in mind, companies have one shot: delivering customer-centric products. Mendix technology helps you provide consistent, unmatched digital customer experiences.

This low-code app development platform enables you to quickly provide customer-facing IoT-driven apps, web portals, and mobile applications all in one platform. Mendix offers collaborative tools, ensuring the teams closest to the potential consumers add value by developing applications or working closely with expert developers. This way, your business can excel by providing irresistible customer-centric digital solutions.

Closing Thought

Mendix technology can significantly transform your business by accelerating digital transformation. This low-code development platform offers numerous features and tools to foster scalability, flexibility, faster-time-to-market, and improved customer experiences, something any modern business must prioritize to become successful.

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