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4 Things to Consider Before Remodeling a Home

Arguably one of the most rewarding—albeit expensive—activities is remodeling a home. This stressful process can be a bit overwhelming at first, but with proper planning on the front end, you can ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible. This article aims to outline four pre-planning ideas that should be considered before jumping into this commitment blind.

Design Style

Before any work is begun, it is very important to decide what style changes you are hoping to make to your current house. Ensure that your plan is realistic. For example, if you are hoping to create an open floor plan, but your current house has multiple unremovable load-bearing walls, this may not be an option for you. Take the time to research different interior designs and see if you can incorporate specific elements from different examples into your customized design. Consider the activities that you wish to complete inside your home and ensure that your proposed changes will not hinder the functionality of your home. For example, if you enjoy hosting at your home, ensuring that you will have plenty of kitchen counter space and a large open area for a dinner table would be a smart and functional transformation.

DIY or Contractor

Another decision that must be made is whether you plan to complete the remodel almost entirely on your own, or if you wish to pay professionals to complete the work for you. In most situations, conducting the remodel on your own can save you a lot of money. However, you must keep in mind that this will be an immense undertaking that will also come with risks, both to you and to your home. Things like a dumpster rental in Bucks County, PA for any trash—though relatively inexpensive—will need to be paid out of your pocket. In many cases, you can hire a contractor for a lot of the riskier, more complex work, then save money on the back end by finishing the smaller jobs yourself, such as painting walls or staining trimming. If you do hire a contractor, be sure to research the company ahead of time and look at company reviews. Ask for quotes from multiple companies before deciding. Never give money upfront. Always wait to pay until the contracted work is complete and inspected by you to ensure that the quality lives up to the promised standard.

Your Budget

Arguably one of the most important aspects of remodeling a home is deciding the range of your budget. You must determine the highest amount that you would be comfortable spending on your remodel. This number can dictate whether or not your plan is possible and can outline what aspects may need to be adjusted or completely removed from your plan before it ever reaches the developing stage. It is smart to factor a small financial buffer into your budget as well, to help mitigate any unaccounted-for costs that may arise once the developing stage commences.

Timing of the Remodel vs Your Schedule

Remodeling a home comes with many unpleasant situations, like loud, shaking noises, strangers in your home, blocked-off rooms, and messes. Often, contractors will take longer than projected to complete projects, which can cause a tremendous amount of stress on you if you have not prepared accordingly. Simple issues like the weather or supply problems can cause substantial delays. You must give yourself a significant buffer as to when you can expect the remodel to be complete so that you are not disappointed or have plans ruined due to an unfinished house. If financially possible, consider temporary housing elsewhere to avoid a lot of the firsthand stress and noise.

In general, a home remodel can dramatically change your quality of life and help you fall in love with your home all over again. It offers you the opportunity to have control over aesthetics and functionality in your home so that you can create something to truly be proud of. With proper prior planning, much of the stress put on the homeowner can be dramatically decreased.

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