When is it worth moving a website from shared hosting to VDS?

Shared hosting is mainly used for hosting small sites by the number of pages. Differs in limited functionality and cheap content. Transfer of projects to VDS hosting with large storage should be carried out if you want to improve them. With a huge number of pages, it is much easier to provide updates, add new features. If you are not planning any major improvements, then the transition does not make much sense.

Why is a high-quality VDS more reliable and what are its advantages?

VDS compared to shared hosting has the following advantages:

  • granting root access, this is to ensure a quick change in system settings in accordance with the needs of the project;
  • the ability to install additional software, on a regular hosting this will not work or you will have to make a request to the administration about the need for changes;
  • the absence of any difficulties in editing system files, the changes made take effect almost instantly;
  • all the resources of a dedicated server are used only by you, a decrease in the speed of data processing due to the influx of visitors is excluded;
  • at any time the owner can restart the server;
  • there are no restrictions on the number of hosted sites, if we talk about regular hosting, then this number is strictly regulated;
  • safety of data due to the introduction of the most modern security certificates.

What to look for in the VDS selection process

You should not headlong transfer sites from shared hosting to VDS. Analyze the niche of companies, select a few, add them to the list. Read reviews on forums and social networks regarding the use of a dedicated server. Next, you should think about the optimal tariff plan for your sites. Compare the functionality of your projects and the normalized parameters of the virtual server. Only after all the procedures make an informed decision.

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