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4 Ways Brands Can Use TikTok Marketing to Go Viral

The social networking app TikTok is becoming quite popular. The scrolling video interface has proven quite effective in capturing viewers’ attention. Moreover, the platform lists the trending video on top that promises unimaginable engagement rates.

Even companies are now pondering over the notion of joining TikTok in order to expand their client base. The site also offers a variety of filters, music, and editing tools. You may utilize these backdrop elements to make the short video appealing before you can make the video live on the site.

It is a strong medium to engage with a wide range of audiences. TikTok is a popular social networking platform for individuals below and over 30. The brief, clean video app offers the audience a clear message and the clean interface makes things even easier. and also has a profanity filter service built in.

You access the main dashboard after you register with TikTok, see the plus symbol, touch it, and you may begin shooting the video. But just posting a video on the platform does not ensure that the maximum number of people will see it.

With this thought in mind, here we are with 4 tips that can maximize your chances of going viral on TikTok.

4 Tips for Brands to Go Viral on TikTok

1. Get Some Help from TikTok Influencers

Marketing by deploying influencers is becoming fashionable day by day on every social media platform. The influencers on TikTok have garnered a huge and loyal following that can help you in getting your much-needed virality.

Everything they say gets enormous exposure for the brand. Some fans of TikTok influencers are not just enthusiastic followers, but also attentive to the things influencers say. The top influencers have a range of pricing packages that match any brand’s budget looking to leverage TikTok marketing.

Even the influencers from TikTok collaborate with brands to work together and assist in any manner. When you find an influencer suitable for your TikTok marketing campaign, speak about the payment criteria beforehand.

You need to start with a modest goal. Once you expand your fan base, you have the ability to negotiate. This approach can increase the chances of your content going viral very soon.

2. Leverage User-Generated Content

While the essence of TikTok is fun, lighthearted, and informal, it requires significant thinking and imagination to create content on that basis. In particular, brands have to organize their content to obtain the greatest return on their efforts.

Nike’s approach to TikTok has been intriguing. Instead of publishing their own public video material, they utilize user-produced content (UGC). You will notice that your account is private if you check their TikTok profile, therefore you must request access to the material.

Search the #nike hashtag to witness the true magic of TikTok brand marketing. The hashtag has been seen by more than 929 million people with millions of TikTok posts incorporating it in some way or the other.

You’re going to witness movies and GIFs of people who wear Nike, paint their Nikes, dance in their Nikes, and more as you explore further. This UGC is a free brand advertisement.

3. Ensure Consistent Content Posting Timetable

You must constantly publish material on social media to increase followers and optimize reach. Make sure you upload your material throughout the week at various times to see which time you want these videos to post on TikTok.

Moving forward, you also need to examine the post analytics for insights. It allows you to monitor the contents and their scope. Try it for about two weeks, then you can learn which time slot and how often your material gets views. Follow the same measurements to expand the reach of your brand.

You even need to have a fascinating bio on your TikTok profile so your followers can go to your profile, read the information, check your business through your website, and become a client of your company. This approach has a high ROI and exposes your content to a wide range of audiences.

4. Deploy TikTok Advertisements

TikTok offers a commercial platform for TikTok advertising for companies. As a company owner, you must maintain a watch on TikTok’s advertising. A brand owner has choices such as high views, brand take-over and input advertising, branded hashtag challenges, and branded effects.

Small enterprises or the ones just starting out on the platform can select feed advertisements to obtain a high return. You can begin by setting your budget for TikTok marketing and then choose the kind of ad you want your business to advertise. It helps you grow your business, boost your following, and possibly go viral.


There is no straightforward approach to going viral on TikTok. If you come across any viral video or photo, keep in mind that it didn’t happen overnight (unless the creator is very lucky!) and there is a lot that goes into creating even a slight prospect of gaining virality.

However, these 4 tips can provide you with a starting point to get things rolling and point you in the right direction. So, start posting quality content now!

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