5 Advantages of Using Custom Gift Boxes in 2022

Have you ever stopped to reflect on whether or not to use custom gift boxes?  It is possible that you did not think about it or, if you did, you may have preferred to consider the social and economic aspect of the matter.

Of course, the simpler models are economical and more attractive gift boxes, especially compared to personalized ones. But they don’t have the same advantages (which greatly improves their cost-effectiveness).

We’ve listed 5 advantages that prove how advantageous it can be to use custom gift boxes. Want to know what they are? So just keep reading!

1) Custom Gift Boxes helps in Branding

Do you execute Branding strategies with your store? We are not just talking about the “basics” of Visual Identity, logo and use of colors in your establishment, but also in establishing an experience for your brand.

Whenever we make a purchase, we unwittingly add a series of information and insights to the chosen brands. 

Consciously, we don’t know why we hate the specific brand. But we spent months building the image that she is “too expensive” in our heads whenever we went to the supermarket.

If this can happen on the negative side, it can also happen on the positive side. And your store should use this opportunity to win more sales.

That’s why it’s important to have Custom Gift Boxes for your products . 

2) Custom Gift Boxes is perfect for your gifts

Gifts are exchanged during the celebration of several commemorative days. We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, as well as Christmas.

Not to mention birthdays, wedding anniversaries, job promotions, college entrance exams and other important elements in each person’s life.

Basically, there will always be an occasion to surprise someone with a nice gift. Purchasing gift paper and wrapping each item, however, will not be an option.

The rush of everyday life and the fact that we are always in a hurry and, paradoxically, always late mean that we are unable to wrap our gifts properly.

That’s why the store’s personalized packaging is useful: it doubles as gift wrapping. So, when in doubt between buying at Store X with custom gift boxes or at Store Y without packaging, the customer will prefer to make his life easier and leave with the package ready for a gift.

3)Custom Gift Boxes helps to carry the gift

Have you ever made a series of purchases in a mall, for example? As time goes by, carrying everything becomes more and more difficult. It is impossible to carry everything with a few hands and so many gifts. So any help is welcome in these cases.

A  custom gift box, with comfortable handles, makes people’s lives easier and makes the shopping experience more pleasant.

This contributes to your gift being strengthened (as we talked about in the first point, remember?) and that you get more sales in the next opportunities.

4) Custom Gift Box is a Marketing Tool

You see someone carrying a bag from a specific store as you stroll through the mall. It catches your attention because it’s a beautiful and attractive packaging.

A few steps later, you see a second person with a matching bag. There’s no way you aren’t going to look up the store and see what makes it great, right?

And it doesn’t even have to be at the mall. You can be on the street and see someone with beautiful packaging and you will instinctively want to know more about that store.

This means that the packaging is doing a very good job of promoting your product around the city.. 

Selling with beautiful custom gift boxes is like hiring dozens (maybe hundreds!) of stereo cars to promote your store. All carrying their brand through the streets, showing their products to other consumers.

5) Custom Gift Box adds value to your products

A beautiful, elegant and consistent custom gift box with a product helps to value it even more. Suddenly, it’s not just a watch or book he’s buying. There’s also packaging in play. The product is worth more and he feels he is getting more for the same monetary value as before.

This facilitates the closing of the sale in the buyer’s mind and, in addition, it also helps to generate a more positive sales experience, which, in turn, increases the chances of that consumer returning. You can see that having custom gift boxes is a great way to increase the value of your gift.

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