How to Buy the Perfect Custom Trucker Hat?

The hat has now become an inevitable accessory in everyone’s wardrobe. Extremely versatile and comfortable, it has always accompanied our days, so why not customize it and make it unique? You can choose your many custom trucker hat online, both by model and by color.ou

From the classic custom baseball cap with a curved peak, to the custom Hip-hop cap with a flat visor or, why not, the custom Snapback Trucker cap with a mesh back.

A classic simple hat can become a unique and original accessory. Just use your imagination and creativity!

But the great thing about custom trucker hats is not only for the private individual who wants to stand out or wants to make an original and unique gift! Personalized caps can be a perfect item to convey the image of a company. The caps with the logo are definitely a super appreciated gift by customers, who in addition to satisfaction will advertise your logo simply by wearing it! A simple and direct advertising especially in promotional events and fairs.

Creating your own custom trucker hats has never been easier!

  • Choose the model: custom baseball caps , custom snapbacks , custom mesh trucker hat
  • Choose the customization: embroidery of a writing or logo
  • Choose where to embroider it
  • Complete the order

Why think about customizing caps?

Customizing a hat gives you considerable advantages. First of all it allows you to stand out, and it can also be a useful tool to shape a team, whether it is sports or work. It can also be an excellent advertising gadget for companies, as a gift to be distributed at events and shows, but also to be marketed.

How many cap models can I choose from?

The models are mainly divided into 3 types:

  • Baseball with pre-curved visor and closure and adjustment with buckle
  • Snapback with flat visor and PVC closure with snap-tab adjustment
  • Net or Trucker with pre-curved visor and PVC closure with snap-tab adjustment

Are there different sizes?

The caps are all one size fits all, but thanks to the adjustable closures, with buckle or snap-tab, they adapt perfectly to the head.

What colors are the caps available in?

The Baseball cap is available in 11 colors, the Snapback in 8 colors. The Trucker cap, on the other hand, is available in two-tone White / Black and Black / White but also one-color in 8 colors. You will find photos of the caps already customized in the photo gallery.

What materials are the caps made of?

The baseball cap is 100% combed cotton, the snapback is 100% polyester with 100% cotton under the visor. The Trucker cap is 100% Cotton on the front and 100% polyester on the mesh part.

How are the caps personalized?

The caps are personalized through embroidery. For this type of processing, only texts and logos can be embroidered.

Can I customize the caps only on the front?

Baseball and Snapback caps allow customization on the front (area 12 × 6 cm) but also on the back (area 9 × 1.5 cm). The Trucker cap, on the other hand, since the rear is mesh, allows for frontal personalization only.

How are the caps made from the site?

To make the caps online just follow the instructions of the configurator. It is really easy! Just choose the model and color of the cap and upload your logo or text. Once positioned, check the preview, if you are satisfied, confirm the project and you will have created your cap!

Are there any discounts if I order more caps?

Since embroidery is a particular customization, it includes an installation cost. This cost is amortized as the quantity of caps purchased increases. In fact, starting from the 12 caps purchased, the cost of the system is canceled and you will only pay for the caps. There are also additional discounts based on quantities.

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