5 Alternatives To OTT Platforms You Need To Know About

The insane popularity of OTT (over-the-top) platforms has skyrocketed in the last few years. The trend is increasing on such a fair trend that it will grab a market of $247 billion by the year 2027.

However, many people are seizing this opportunity to monetize the video content and build the service platform on their own.

This is why we have got a fair share of OTT alternatives in the market. But, which ones are good among them, and which ones are not? How do we select the right one? Do we have to pay more fees for them?

Let’s read this article and find out all about those OTT alternatives here.

What Is An OTT Platform?

We have entered an era where the internet is the most common source of video consumption. The ‘over-the-top’ media distribution system is an alternative to cable TV and traditional satellite.

OTT technology is distributing more and more media content every day. Some industry leaders also advocate that OTT platforms and broadcasting TV are not too different from each other.

The OTT platform is where you get access to watch your favorite TV shows and movies anytime you want. All kinds of technical devices like tablets, phones, computers, laptops, smart TVs are equipped to handle the OTT platforms.

You have to pay a certain subscription fee to access these services.

5 Best Alternatives To OTT PLatforms

If you don’t want to pay money to access the OTT platforms, there are a few alternatives here. Viewers can pay for the pay-per-view or subscribe for unlimited content. When users have this option, they feel more independent and more controlled.

So, let’s check out the best alternatives of OTT platforms here:

1: Torrent Downloads

You may not want to spend money behind OTT platforms, in which case, you can always turn your heads to the good, old torrent downloads.

Sites like the pirate bay are here, and you can simply type the name of the movie or the TV show and download it from here.

If you have a VPN and an antivirus on your computer, you can easily download movies from torrent sites. All you have to do is check the number of seeders and leechers before downloading it.

You can also check the online reviews of other people who downloaded the content before you to make sure you are downloading the right thing.

2: Dacast

It is a self-service video platform that lets people host video content and start streaming in minutes. A white-label solution here enables you to control live streams and on-demand content.

This organization uses the Akamai network to broadcast its content. In fact, many businesses also use this site to live stream their content.

You have to pay a certain fee to access this OTT alternative.

The pricing option is also flexible, and there are different plans for people with additional needs.

3: DTH Stream Box

DTH streaming and OTT streaming are two essentially different things. DTH is an Internet TV available on Android gadgets and comes with a set-top box.

Apart from accessing regular TV channels, you will access different games and apps with this OTT alternative.

A built-in Chromecast, Google Assistant, Voice remote, Bluetooth support, and Wi-Fi come with this platform.

4: YouTube

YouTube is not an OTT platform, which many youngsters mistake it.

It was designed as a social video platform to share their personal moments caught on video.

But there’s more to that. Apart from movies and some TV shows, YouTube originals can add to your entertainment.

The good news is, you don’t have to pay a single dime to use it.

5: Tubi

You may think we recommend yet another piracy site like the torrenting sites, but Tubi is above that.

Streaming content on Tubi is absolutely legal, and the company is trying to advertise its free content appeal to attract new users every day.

Starting from OTT movies to TV serials, this site uploads everything.


Are you still here?

We are all set to give you the 5 best OTT alternatives, and once you take a look at these sites, you will know what we are talking about.

However, if you need more details, check-in with us in the comment box below; we will come back with an answer soon enough.

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