5 Tips for Choosing Pure Essential Oils

By Kathy Sadowski, MS in Aromatherapy, Registered Aromatherapist, Professional NAHA, and AIA Member

Essential oil is a steam-distilled plant extraction that isolates just the lightest weight aromatic chemical constituents of a plant.  It represents the essence of a plant’s character and vitality.

People are drawn to the magic of aromatherapy because they can sense that it is a very special gift from Mother Nature.

What is the difference between pure essential oil and inferior, adulterated, or chemically manufactured oil?

Let me offer you this analogy to help answer the question:

Let’s say that your Grandmother makes the best chicken pot pies.  She uses fresh quality ingredients and adds a sprinkle of her love energy with every pie she fills.  With that being said, you are at the grocery store one day and decide to buy a frozen pot pie.  You take it home, cook it up, and give it a bite.  Nope, not good enough!

The same thing goes for plant extractions.  Mother Nature knows how to make it best. She is the Mother of all Grandmothers.

She knows…A splash of rainwater here, some rays of sunshine there, and soil rich in just the right nutrients grow the ideal plant.  Then, careful distillation and bottling are an important part of the process as well.

Like a brand-name purse, sadly, some manufacturers try to sell substandard quality or knock-offs of the real deal.  But an aware consumer can spot the deficiencies.

The Benefits of Pure Essential Oils

There is a splendidly long list of the benefits of pure therapeutic grade oils.

  • Bergamot’s scent is mood-boosting
  • Citronella may scare off the biting bugs.
  • Eucalyptus opens,
  • Jasmine offers a feminine allure.
  • Lavender is known to be calming.
  • Patchouli is meditative and grounding.
  • Peppermint topically may ease some muscle aches.
  • Pine needle brings fond memories of holiday celebrations.
  • The tea tree is famed for dealing with skin issues.
  • And the list goes on…

Aromatherapists study the safe and effective uses of essential oils when designing wellness programs.  Alternative medicine practitioners incorporate plants into their protocols.  And at home, users notice mood changes and other benefits.

Essential oils are potent, and a small amount goes a long way.

One thing to take note, especially by pregnant women, children, and those with existing medical conditions is that essential oils may include possible side effects or contraindications of specific plant species and their chemical constituents. It is important to learn the safe and effective ways of using essential oils. You should consult your doctor if you have any questions before use.

How to Identify a Pure Essential Oil

When it comes to essential oils, how can you spot a flop or a fake?

Flops – There are conditions that can seriously affect the quality of essential oil.  Plants grown around pollution, pesticides, and poor processing technique are a few examples.

Fakes – It can save a manufacturer a lot of money to add a carrier oil or cheaper plant variety to essential oil.  Adding extenders or adulterations happens too often in the EO Industry.

Fragrance Oils – These are obvious fakes.  Fragrance oils are synthetic products made in a lab, not by plants.

Here are Some Ways to Avoid Flops, Fakes, and Fragrance Oils.

  1. Seek a trusted manufacturer that has a history of procuring the best bulk essential oils from reliable sources.
  2. Look for quality testing processes, such as a GC-MS analysis, that can identify that extraction has the right chemical constituents and does not contain pollutants or adulterations.
  3. Assess the packaging.  The label should contain the botanical name, extraction method, and plant part extracted, country of origin, basic safe usage guidelines, bar code or batch number, and company contact information.  The bottle should be colored and well-sealed to protect from sun and air exposure.
  4. Conduct your own test.  Does the oil smell right, have the correct color, and appropriate texture?
  5. And this may sound wonky, but does the aroma give off positive energy?

In Summary…

Plants from around the world share their magnificence conveniently in a small amber bottle.  Open up the lid, and an alluring aroma subtly wafts thru the air.

You want to experience the real deal!  Don’t settle for an essential oil that is substandard or a fake imposter.  Your Grandmother would tsk, and You will sense the difference!

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