5 Ways A Business Tax Lawyer Can Help You

There’s a lot to do when owning a business. Juggling payroll, hiring employees, and keeping merchandise in stock are just some of the things under your watch. Doing your taxes is one more thing to add to that list!

However, a business tax lawyer can help ease the burden of paying taxes. Americans pay nearly $1.6 trillion in taxes, and using tax attorneys can help in so many ways!

Here are five ways a business tax lawyer can help you.

1. A Business Tax Lawyer Knows the Law

It’s no secret that tax law is complicated. A business tax lawyer knows the constant changes and nuances of tax law. A tax lawyer can guide you through your industry and knows what’s legal and what’s not.

Tax attorneys offer sound advice and can make sure you meet filing deadlines and help with tax software.

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2. Business Structure

Tax attorneys can sit down with you and figure out your business structure. You’ll need an expert tax lawyer to help with classifications such as LLCs and partnerships. With extensive paperwork and questions, a tax attorney will make sure you file the proper paperwork.

With the pros and cons of each classification, tax lawyers can explain the benefits and point you in the right direction.

3. Audits

When the IRS wants to audit your business, you need a business tax lawyer. Tax attorneys can help prevent wage garnishments and bank levies.

A business tax lawyer can also help you negotiate a solution and teach you what you did wrong, so you don’t make future mistakes. No one wants an audit, but when it happens, you’ll need a tax attorney.

4. Future Planning

If you run a family business, a business tax lawyer can ensure your business is correctly set up should the inevitable happen.

A tax attorney can help you figure out the needed steps for family members or other business partners to pass the business on to the next generation. With the help of tax lawyers, you can prevent infighting or confusion upon death.

5. Time

You spend a lot of time running your business. Taxes are also time-consuming. A tax attorney can take the process off your plate.

When you hire a business tax lawyer, it means more time with your family and friends. You can spend more time on leisure activities like golfing or running. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that tax attorneys will do the job right.

Ways a Business Tax Lawyer Can Help You

A business tax lawyer knows the law and can advise you on your business structure. Tax attorneys can deal with IRS audits, help with your business’s future planning, and save you time. If you’re in business, tax attorneys are a great solution in operating your business.

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