7 Fascinating Emojis With Double Meanings

Are you into adding emojis or emoticons to your messages, videos, or posts? If you are one of those countless people who use emojis, then this article might interest you. Shigetaka Kurita designed the very first emoji over 17 years ago. Since then, the creators have added several new emojis to today’s popular list. The use of emojis is widespread, and it is nearly impossible to find someone who does not use them.

It is fun to see the emoji list growing almost every year, with new fun emojis to use. Thanks to our creative innovation, we are able to come up with different meanings for each emoji. The plain emojis like the drooling emoticons are old school and all in the past now. Emojis with double meanings are now a fun trend that everyone seems to enjoy. Continue reading this article to get to know some of them. 

1. The Bee Emoji

This emoji displays a yellow and black bee with two wings and a striped tail facing left. This emoji mainly represent different bees and wasps. You can use the Honeybee emoji to show that you are busy as a bee and you do not want to be bothered. 

Moreover, using this emoji alongside the honey pot emoji can represent a bee’s lifestyle, and you can let people know about that. This emoji, however, has a different significance for Beyonce fans. That is why they want to express their support on all of her Instagram photos or even during posts about her concert. 

2. The Fire Emoji 

The fire emoji is also known as the flame emoji, mainly represents fire. But since we are in a creative generation and society, this emoji has a lit connotation (no pun intended) to compliment someone or something, signifying that a person, object, record, movie, or other item is “lit.”, which is a slang phrase for anything wonderful or awesome. 

They use this well-known fire symbol to denote something hot, great, or awesome. If people want to compliment someone, they use the Fire emoji to represent sexual appeal.

3. The Octopus Emoji

The octopus is a cute sea creature that deserves to be in the emoji list. Using this emoji can only represent a unique marine animal, it also can mean other things. 

We must admit that we often do multitask, especially in school or work. We tend to do things all at once, so the octopus emoji is the perfect depiction of that because of its many tentacles. You may also publicly ask for a virtual hug by sending this emoji, just make sure to place a red heart emoji alongside it.

4. The Devil Emoji

Everyone has a point at which they are at their heaviest. People make mistakes and there is no such thing as a sinless person; that is why the devil emoji exists. This purple emoji generally depicts a face with devil horns, a big grin, and smushed eyes and eyebrows. You do not have to say, “I am in a cruel mood,” simply send the Devil emoji, and the person you are conversing with will understand.

5. The Confounded Face Emoji

The confounded face emoji became a fully qualified emoji in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0 and Emoji 1.0. When it comes to the use of emojis, this is one of the more difficult ones for people to grasp. This emoji shows a face with X-shaped eyes and wrinkled lips crying in frustration or trying to hold back tears. Other platforms display the Confounded Face in a slightly different way. 

You can use this emoji when you are a couple of negative or low emotions. If you send this to a dear friend or family member, they will surely be there to help you out or comfort you during your challenges. 

6. The Paperclip Emoji

The paperclip emoji is multipurpose, even though it may seem like it only represents a common office item. For the sake of organization, this emoji portrays the process of affixing paper documents to folders. 

This emoji can also be used for the paperclip campaign. It urges people to wear a paperclip on their clothes as a symbol of support for those who have been targeted by racist or prejudiced assaults. 

7. The Face with Medical Mask Emoji

Face with a medical mask is one of the most popular face emojis in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic that affected everyone worldwide. This emoji mainly represents being part of the medical field, so you can put the health worker emoji alongside it. 

You can also use this emoji whenever you want to let your family or friends know that you are in need of medical attention. Make sure to include the ambulance or the hospital emoji to better convey your concerns. 


The use of emojis is a terrific technique to communicate on social media today. Before emojis, it was hard for people to convey messages online because they have to explain everything through words. Fortunately, emojis are there to express beyond words, and people can still be creative with them. If you want to know more about emojis with double meanings, you can visit today!

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