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7 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie at Video Ads

If you’re just getting started with video advertising, you may feel confused and overwhelmed about the best way to tackle it. And that’s normal. There are so many things to learn to create a successful video ad campaign, including understanding the format and which tools to use. To begin, it’s important to realize that you can use a simple online video editor and get ideas from video templates.

Below is a list of reasons why your ads may not be doing as well as they could, and how you can get started creating more effective ones today. Let’s get started.

 #1: Your Videos Don’t Look Professional

Chances are you know how to work with photos and write articles using programs like Microsoft Word or Photoshop. The same should go for video, but maybe it doesn’t? Video editing software can come with complex interfaces that take quite some time to get used to.

If you want your ad content to look professional then use a program that allows you to edit frame-by-frame. Don’t rush anything. Go slow, watch tutorials online if needed and make sure everything has its place. Most paid solutions will provide basic training material for beginners so don’t wait too long before diving in further. If you don’t have much skill in video editing, you can always opt for an online video editor. It’s simple to start and allows you to create stunning videos.

#2: Your Audio Quality Is Bad

Take a quick look around social media sites such as YouTube and Buzzfeed; what do you notice about most online videos? They tend to feature mostly audio content.

After all, we think in sound and our brains register visuals much slower than we hear something spoken out loud. This means people will automatically choose a video based on audio quality more often than anything else.

So, make sure your microphone is working properly and features noise reduction technology. This can filter out background sounds coming from the outside or inside your home, office, etc. Also, ensure that your environment is clean and free of disruptive noises such as traffic, city ambiance, or wind.

Remember: if you spend money on expensive equipment only to put low-quality sound in front of potential viewers, chances are they won’t stay long enough to watch your video all through.

Buy high-quality headphones and don’t forget to properly mic up both yourself and any guests appearing alongside you in front of the camera.

#3: Your Videos Lack Structure

Image by Alena Darmel from pexels

When you prepare to shoot a video of yourself, figure out ahead of time what you are going to talk about. Don’t just let your mind wander while filming takes place. Focus on your message and plan your script accordingly.

You can write an outline beforehand or simply remember key points as they occur to you during production.

A good video shouldn’t be chaotic. Instead, you want to give your audience a structure to follow along with. This is why you should always try to relate them to an overarching theme or question.

#4: Your Video Needs To Be Shorter

Nobody wants to watch a boring 90-second commercial video. But don’t feel forced to cram all your content into 3 minutes or less either. With some videos, you may see better results if they are at least 3–5 minutes in length.

People are busy so don’t expect them to watch your entire production in one sitting. Upload your video in shorter segments and offer a simple call-to-action at the end of each clip to direct users towards your next video. You don’t need any complex software as a simple online video editor can help you with all of these.

#5: You Use Cheap Tools

We all want to save money on important Video Ads such as business equipment but what we don’t realize is that we may be paying for it later on.

For example, if you run a freelancing or consulting firm and decide to invest in cheap audio or video hardware, chances are your profits will suffer greatly in return.

This is not to say that you need to buy top-of-the-line gear for your production either. There are plenty of decent yet affordable options out there for small business owners who can’t afford to hire a professional video editor or graphic designer. For example, an online video editor has inexpensive plans that may offer just enough features for you to make stunning video ads.

# 6: You Don’t Use Your Resources Properly

Image by Artem Podrez from pexels

If you don’t have a large budget to invest in producing quality content, proper management of your current resources may lead to equally good if not even better output.

If you own a website, chances are you already have access to a CMS (content management system) of some kind. Look for modules or plugins that can improve Video Ads video output without having to pay for additional third-party programs.

Some great examples include popular platforms such as WordPress or Joomla. These already have tons of useful tools at your disposal. They may not be as powerful as industry-specific software but they can work wonders if combined with proper research and adequate pre-production time.

# 7: You Can’t Read Your Audience:

One of the best ways to tell if you are a true rookie at video ads is your inability to read your target audience. If you are uploading videos on different social networks, then chances are, at some point, you’ve received feedback on how to make your output better.

Instead of brushing it off or ignoring comments, Video Ads them seriously and learn from them. As an entrepreneur or business owner, your goal should be to ultimately satisfy your target market.

Image by Amar Preciado from pexels

As a video editor, you’ll spend a lot of time watching other people. And yes, if your work is good enough, you might even make a little cash from it. But before you start dreaming about YouTube stardom, there are some things you should know. Once you’ve had some time on both sides of the online video editor, your eyes will be opened to all sorts of insights about how these new videos (and old commercials) are made.


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