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8 Ways To Store Stuff At Home Without Wasting Space

If there’s anything that always seems like it’s not enough, it’s storage space. Even if we are trying our best to declutter, sometimes enclosing everything in the limited space of your home is not possible. So, should you make the hard decision of throwing out most of your possessions, or are you willing to do something different? If you’ve chosen the latter option, you are in luck because we can help you explore all sorts of options that allow you to store everything without wasting an inch of space. So, what are these magical storage tips? Let’s find out!

  1. Using bed with storage space:

Storage beds are one of the best ways to save and utilize space. There are plenty of platform beds available with larger drawers underneath, or you can go a bit creative and make a DIY wooden platform. You can go for wide under-bed shelves with wicker baskets. These can be used to store laundry, bedsheets, towels, or anything you require within the room. It’s a perfect solution if you have limited bedroom space. If you haven’t bought furniture yet, you can go for a bed frame with storage drawers as they can give you as many drawers as your dresser.

  1. Renting out storage units:

Have absolutely no space to Wasting Space your clutter? One of the simplest options is to put them in storage units. These are your ultimate solution to all your storage problems because they will allow you to clear up space in your home and even keep your belongings safe. For instance, living in a small town like Bonney lake, you can assume that houses wouldn’t be too big. In such circumstances, you can utilize Bonney lake storage services to get rid of your clutter and make room for more important things. You have both the options of buying or renting these units.

  1. Double the space with wire racks:

Usually, your walls are just sitting there with loads of Wasting Space while we are rummaging on the floor to squeeze things in. Why not make use of your walls and install wire baskets and racks? These are a great hack, especially for bathrooms and the kitchen. You can hang them anywhere on the wall whenever convenient for you and organize your items. Wire baskets can maximize space if you double them with coat hooks if you want to avoid the pile of jackets near the door. You can use the walls in your kitchen, bathroom, and even the space behind doors. You can use the back of the door in the kitchen for hanging cleaning essentials or as a spice rack. Similarly, the back of the doors in the bedrooms and bathrooms can help double up on space.

  1. An under-stair utility:

If Harry Potter can have an entire bedroom under the stairs, why can’t we utilize the space the same way? The space under your stairs is sitting there exactly like all that space in the wall. Therefore, it would help if you made good use of it and turned it into a utility storage room. You should add as much storage space as possible by using clips and hooks on the door; a cleaning supply stocked trolley, shelves all around the walls, and more racks. You can stuff all your cleaning gear, heavy equipment, and appliances into your DIY utility storage area.

  1. Make use of the headboard:

Sometimes we have to make use of what we got, even if it’s a tiny bedroom. Luckily, even with compact space, you can squeeze in extra storage by adding a headboard. If your room can’t capacitate bulky side tables or drawers, add a bespoke headboard with unique styles and add loads of slots for as much storage space as possible. As we said before, your entire wall can serve the purpose of adding as much additional space as possible. You can also elevate the design with a headboard by adding more shelves above it. You can put your books, magazines, night lamps, phone, etc., on your headboard and declutter the rest of the room.

  1. Go for the floor to built-in ceiling storage:

Built-in storage Wasting Space such as bookshelves and cabinets are a jackpot, and then add the floor-to-ceiling length? Mega jackpot! For instance, a house with deep dormers can have built-in window seats that can be used as another storage space. In contrast, the rest of the space around the windows can be useful for floor-to-ceiling bookcases or shelves. A wall-climbing shelving unit frees that much-needed floor space, and the slim silhouette makes the area look tidier. You can reduce the width but compensate it with length and cover the entire wall. You’ll be surprised to know how many things you can store on these vertical shelves.

  1. Store in an ottoman:

Do you want the best of both worlds? Set up a pair of ottomans here and there, and voila! They not only make great decorative and seating pieces, but you can also store stuff that can make the decluttering process easy. You can hide your cushions or favorite game boards, or even all the newspaper. Why do we think ottoman storage should be your go-to piece? Because they can become a coffee table, an extra seating, and even a footrest whenever you like. This replaces the need of having all three individual pieces covering up the space. More oversized ottomans make a great storage place for blankets as well.

  1. Install shelves wherever possible:

When it comes to fighting for storage space in your compact house, shelves are your best friends. You can install them anywhere you want, from floor-to-ceiling ones to multiple small ones in the bathroom, kitchen, and even the bedroom. You can have a narrow shelf addition such as a small, notched-back shelf in the kitchen, giving just enough space to put glass jars. You can even utilize every nook of your house to add open corner shelves to put away as many things as possible. You can install shelves alongside your kitchen cabinets, above your bed, beside your bed, and wherever you can find space to clear off the floor.


Wasting Space of storage has long been every homeowner’s biggest problem, especially when having compact living space. Luckily, you can utilize whatever space you have and store your things without undergoing a major renovation with a few hacks and tricks. The trick is to clear as much floor space as possible and put your walls and corners into good use. So, take inspiration from the above points whether you want to DIY or install storage-friendly furniture.

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