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5 Cool Reasons Why Hotels Are Always So Clean

What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a hotel? It’s usually how sparkling the floors are in the lobby. Once you get into your room, it’s even better. Everything looks like it’s never been used before.

There is a reason why hotels look so clean 365 days per year. Hotel cleaners are the best in the world at making sure everything looks spotless. Let’s look at some good tricks you can steal from them going forwards. 

1. Focus On High Traffic Areas

If you’re in Toronto walk behind floor scrubbers might be visible on the lobby floors regularly, but you won’t normally see them in other areas. It’s because hotels know lobbies are the busiest areas in the building.

You should focus a lot of your energy where everyone spends time at some point. It’s probably going to be a lot dirtier than other areas with less traffic. An area with zero traffic will need to be cleaned less often.

2. Using Large Cleaning Machines

You don’t normally see cleaners in large hotels walking around with a mop. They’ve usually got an industrial floor polisher in their hands when you walk past. Smaller equipment is used a lot more in the rooms.

If you need to clean large areas, it’s great using machines because you get finished faster, but it’s also going to ensure a better finish. It’s worth investing in good cleaning equipment if you have a big enough home.

3. Cleaning Out Clutter First

When a cleaner goes into a hotel room to scrub it from top to bottom, they’re going to get rid of the clutter first. If guests take all their belongings with them, it will only take a few minutes to prepare the room.

If they start cleaning with a blank slate, it’s going to take less time to finish. They won’t need to stop every few minutes to move an obstacle. Cleaners wouldn’t use this method if it didn’t save them plenty of time.

4. Keep Wet/Dry Work Separate

When you’re working in an area, you’ll have dry and wet work to carry out. Hotel cleaners like to keep dry and wet work separate to stop cross-contamination. If you focus on one thing at a time, you’ll finish quicker too.

Start with sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming when you’re cleaning your home. Once finished, you’ll be able to get out your wet cloth to wipe things down. Go around with a mop once you’ve wiped everything.

5. Finish With High-Touch Points

There are a few high-touch points inside a home that you’ll come into contact with regularly. Your faucets, light switches, electric sockets, and door handles spring to mind. It’s good to save all of them until the end.

If you’re touching them while cleaning the rest of your home, you’ll get them dirty again before you’ve finished. It won’t take you long to give them a wipe when everything else is done, so it’s worth the extra effort.

Use The Advice At Home

Hotel cleaners are some of the best in the world at cleaning buildings, so try to use their tricks in your own home.

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