A Checklist for Designing a Custom Yearbook

Designing a unique yearbook for your class is a great honor and one that most people are excited about. If you’re on your yearbook staff or in charge of leading your school’s yearbook club, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before laying out those first pages or printing out that final PDF. For a checklist of tips on designing a special yearbook for your high school or college class, read on.

Using Great Software

The first step in designing a fantastic and unique yearbook for your high school is finding the right program to help you. A custom yearbook from Mixbook is a great way to go when it comes to working with a program that’s not only easy to use but offers a variety of covers, templates, backgrounds, and more. Even if you’ve never used a design program, Mixbook makes the process of designing a yearbook simple.

With simple uploads of both text and images, you can quickly turn a typical template into something special and reflective of your school. Not only that, but using a professional program will mean access to customer service agents who can help you with things like resolution, bleed lines, and other design elements you might not be familiar with on your own.

Gathering Ideas and Inclusion

It’s important to remember that your project is tasked with being something special not only to you but to all your classmates. When designing this special book for your school, be sure to include everyone. You’ll want your book to reflect the unique personalities and people who make up your school. When looking for inspiration, consider holding a contest for the yearbook theme or asking your peers for their suggestions. Some might want to help out and could be fantastic resources based on their individual talents. Do what you can to be inclusive.

One of the most difficult parts of memory book design is knowing where to start. It can feel overwhelming before you have a theme and direction. Think about looking for creative ideas from social media and places like Facebook groups. These groups and sites don’t have to be specific to high school or college commemorative books but may offer design tips, tricks, and tools that will be helpful in your project. Keeping an open mind and researching well in advance of starting that final layout will be important and result in a better book.

Relying on Theme

Once you’ve solicited the help of your classmates and the internet in coming up with a unique theme, it’s a good idea to make a list of things you’ll include other than senior pictures and group photos. Consider current events and how they tie to your theme. Think about major milestones, what makes your class and peers unique, and more. A section that celebrates differences might even be a good way to make your project stand out over other classes that have come before. Think of the student with the quirky talent. Consider doing superlatives in a whole new way. Don’t be afraid to be different, as there are no wrong answers when it comes to creativity.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a product you and your classmates can be proud of if you take the time to complete all of the above steps in designing your yearbook. Using the tools and resources out there will help give your yearbook a professional look and make it a fantastic souvenir you’ll have long past graduation to look back on. Best of luck to you as you work to design a special yearbook.

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