Best General Ledger Software For Businesses in 2022

Is your company in need of a new General ledger system? Spend less effort and time. We’re here just to assist you in finding the best general ledger template for your business needs.

What is a general ledger system?

All monetary data from various sub-ledgers and modules are stored in the general ledger, which is a key element among most accounting systems. Companies like legal firms and organisations are required by law to maintain separate books and records for each customer or account. To verify that the bank’s, as well as the organisation’s finances, are in sync, a monthly reconciliation will be required.

What are the advantages of using General Ledger Software at work?

  • Financial reports are generated depending on the data in your ledger.
  • Ensures compliance with all applicable provincial and national tax rules and regulations.
  • Improves the correctness of the ledger by analysing the accounts linked to it.

What are the top five features to look for in General Ledger Software?

  • Reconciliation of the bank

General and bank accounts can be matched so that any discrepancies can be discovered. In order to save time, certain accounting systems can exports and import modifications to the data, such as credit card purchases, immediately.

  • preparing your taxes

Accounting software manufacturers keep up-to-date and maintain compliance by changing tax law facts in the system, based on the federal and state requirements to which you are subject.

  • Customizations

In order to meet the diverse needs of their customers, accounting software providers cater to a wide range of sectors, and as a result, the majority of them offer highly customised systems. As a bonus, many systems can link with other software, allowing your corporation’s economic data to flow effortlessly between modules..

  • Dashboards and reporting

General data will be used to report generation and populate KPI displays. Keeping the ledger current and correct is critical if you want the data you are using in dashboards and reports to accurately reflect your financial situation.

  • Apps for mobile phones

Most duties can be completed on a phone or tablet in an emergency thanks to mobile apps. Sending bills, balancing accounts, keeping track of expenditures, and more are all possible for mobile users. To collect paper receipts, many applications make use of the camera on the device’s built-in hardware.

  • The Buyer’s Handbook

An essential financial tool for any organisation, the general ledger includes all of a company’s assets, revenue, equity & expenses in one place. An accurate general ledger is critical to a company’s success.

As a result, every accounting software suite must include a general ledger. For this reason, it can be difficult to select an accounting package that meets your needs.

We’ve put together this buyer’s guide to make your search for such a system that helps you keep the general ledger in check and structured easier.

Exactly what does the term “General Ledger Software” entail?

There are many different subledgers & modules that make up an accounting system’s general ledger. These include:

  • Accounts owed to the company
  • Expenses owed
  • Accounting for construction projects
  • Budgeting and finance
  • Purchasing
  • Assets with a long-term value

Companies like legal firms and organisations are required by law to maintain separate ledgers for each customer or account. To verify that the bank’s and the organisation’s finances are in sync, a monthly reconciliation will be required.

Important financial information, such as financial statements & health assessments, can be gleaned from the general ledger.

As a result, a visual dashboard that displays key performance indicators (KPIs) such as profit margins, total revenue and expenditures and revenues for specific business units may be found in many current accounting systems. As a result, it is imperative that the accounting software you select has precise and efficient ledger accounts features.

Small Business Accounting Software Purchasers’ Trends –

A unique perspective on the interests of small business software purchasers is provided by our daily interactions with hundreds of clients. In a recent poll of accounting software buyers, the following functions were deemed most essential:

  • Most purchasers (97 percent) want a system that includes current liabilities, payable, & ledger data.
  • Three percent of those surveyed want a system that included accounts payable & general.


Because of this, we can argue that every single person who buys accounting software wants a general ledger system.

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