A Comprehensive Guide to Marjoram Essential Oil

You must know sweet marjoram from its utilization in cooking. You might also have grown this short, bushy enduring in your spice garden. The little white to purplish-pink blossoms draw in crowds of honey bees and butterflies. It’s anything but a “masterpiece”, like roses or lilies; however, it’s regardless one of the number one nursery spices. It flourishes with little exertion in many soils in sunny to mostly bright areas with good drainage.

Sweet Marjoram’s Latin name, Origanum majorana, lets you know that it’s identified with oregano (Origanum vulgare) and that the two are really individuals of a similar sort. Albeit, the leaves of marjoram and oregano are utilized reciprocally in cooking. Their essential oils have eminently various uses and benefits.

Sweet marjoram is local to the Mediterranean, Egypt and North Africa; however, it flourishes in different areas also and is generally conveyed all throughout the planet. Its greatest makers are Egypt, France, Hungary, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Bulgaria, Serbia/Montenegro (Yugoslavia) and Iran. When buying it, be certain not to mistake Sweet Marjoram for items showcased as Spanish Wild Marjoram, which is really a type of thyme (Thymus mastichina).


This modest little plant holds a respected spot in the myths and history of the Mediterranean locale. Its species name, “Majorana”, comes from the Latin root word “‘major”, which signifies “more prominent”. In ancient times, “major” was a term that was connected to plants that were believed to expand life span and sweet marjoram was exceptionally viewed in the antiquated world as a spice with fortifying and life-broadening properties. In Greek folklore, it was considered sacrosanct to Aphrodite, who utilized it to treat her child Aeneus.

The old Greek doctors utilized this spice as a solution to hemlock poison and snake bites. However, kindly don’t use it in that manner since there is nothing to prove those cases. On the other hand, they made a pomade of it for apprehensive problems, and in the Middle Ages, Hildegard of Bingen suggested it for sickness. Culpepper portrayed it as a cure that helps all infections of the chest, which prevent the freeness of breathing.

Today it’s viewed by aromatherapists as one of the most mind-blowing essential oils for bronchitis and colds. The old herbals say that marjoram tea smothers sex drive, and, previously, it was broadly consumed in monasteries for that reason. However, there are no cutting edge research studies to help that end. Regardless, it has a firmly calming, nearly sedating action.


Marjoram Essential oil is derived by steam distillation of the dried blossoming spice, including leaves, stalks, and flowers.

It is a light yellow to versatile golden fluid with a warm, herbaceous, somewhat bitter fragrance where middle notes predominate. It mixes well with lavender, rosemary, bergamot, cypress, sweet orange and eucalyptus essential oils.

Aromatherapists who apply essential oils as a classical Chinese Medicine believe that this oil brings its hotness and warmth into all parts of our being. They say that it separates the sort of emotional stagnation related to over-thinking and can start a re-established spark in the life of the people who have felt overpowered. It might very well be a decent decision for those whose demeanour is portrayed by emotional coldness.

In old-style Chinese Medicine, marjoram spice and essential oil are related to the Earth phase and assumed useful for stomach-related issues. In the more extensive sense, it might as well help an individual give and get both physical and emotional sustenance.


Note that marjoram essential oil isn’t harmful, irritating or sensitive when used in a reasonable amount. Its quality and purity also define how safe it is for human use. So, when you go out shopping for the same, search for a reputed vendor like Young Living. The organization is renowned for offering world-class essential oils of pure-grade quality within your budget.

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