Aluminum composite signage – the right choice

When a customer turns to an outdoor advertising manufacturer, he is often faced with a variety of materials. He wants to order a sign and sees many types of products that differ in their characteristics.

Manufacturers suggest choosing Aluminum Composite Material (APC). There are many reasons for this, because an alucobond sign board or other APC design is clearly a good solution. Why?

First you need to understand what APC is. This is sheet material. It has several layers, bonded together in a production environment.

The basis is aluminum sheets. A filler is placed between them, often a mineral composition. All layers are reliably pressed and firmly bonded. Then the sheets are covered with a protective layer. It can be paint or some kind of decorative polymer coating. So it turns out to protect the multilayer material from damage due to further operation.

Advantageous characteristics

APC has a number of advantageous characteristics. They became the reason for the choice of manufacturers who are engaged in the manufacture of outdoor advertising. This is what the material is:

  • Plastic enough to make various shapes;
  • Easy to process – APC panels can be cut, drilled;
  • Serves for a long time, which is quite understandable. Because it is very durable;
  • Weighs a little. It weighs approximately 3-8 kg per square meter. The final weight depends on the

thickness of the material.

  • Available in different colors and textures, allowing you to experiment with the external design of the finished product.

An important advantage – the material is suitable for the manufacture of structures that can be installed outdoors. He is not afraid of the effects of even very unfavorable weather.

The material does not deteriorate in the rain. But it should be noted that aluminum composite material is used not only for outdoor, but also for interior advertising.

Any advertising attributes can be made from it. In particular, to make a logo, a company name from it, use it to design an entrance, for example, to a store that is located inside a shopping center.

Price of advertising structures from APC

The price of an alumaboard sign is available to many outdoor advertising customers. For all its advantages, sheets of material are inexpensive. As a result, it turns out to make inexpensive signs out of it. However,

it is worth talking about cheapness relatively.

So, if you compare the construction of APC, for example, with outdoor advertising made of heavy materials, then it actually turns out to be cheap. But it is more expensive than plastic cardboard, which is also very often used in the production of outdoor advertising.

True, the difference in this case is small, but still there is such a difference.

If you approach from the other side and evaluate all the characteristics of an aluminum materials composite material, then its price is very low. Its strength, durability, versatility are the main reasons that indicate the benefits when ordering signs from such material.

Signs from APC are a smart investment in outdoor advertising. This statement has been verified in practice. It is confirmed not only by companies that produce signage. Even small business owners with limited budgets agree with this statement.

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