Benefits of choosing a nursing profession in UK

The nursing profession is now being pursued by students more than ever. There is an increased demand for nurses after the pandemic, and hence many people are shifting their attention towards this field. Choosing this career in the UK comes with a variety of benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Job stability

Nurses are the most important people in any hospital. They are needed in greater numbers as compared to the strength of the doctors. This is because they have to look after the patients around the clock. Also, there are a lot of nurses that retire each year. The population in the United Kingdom is increasing too. On top of all this, the situation created by the pandemic has increased the need for well-trained nurses.

All of this has ensured job stability for the nurses in the UK. They should not worry about their jobs, whether they would be able to continue with their job or not. Since they are needed in great number in the UK, this profession is totally secure.

  1. Good salary packages

Of course, people work for earning money. The kind of tough work routine that nurses have, they should never settle for fewer wages. This issue will never be encountered for any nurse working in the United Kingdom. They offer competitive salary packages in the UK. A good pension scheme is also there. Further facilities like accommodation, etc. can also be availed.

Hence any nursing student must opt for a nursing profession in the United Kingdom. If students are struggling with their written work in their studies, then they can always seek online help. For instance, they can ask for nursing dissertation help from professionals in academic services.

  1. A wide variety of career fields can be chosen

Different sorts of specializations can be done or pursued in the field of nursing in the United Kingdom. Some of these include neonatal nurse, critical care nurse, orthopaedic nurse, geriatric nurse, cardiology nurse, certified midwife-nurse, paediatric nurse, psychiatric nurse, theatre nurse, and respiratory nurse.

You can opt for any one that you feel more inclined towards. The point is, if you will choose a special field of your preference, you would be able to perform at it better with interest too. A slight shift in your attitude can bring drastic changes in what you are doing (masteressaywriters, 2020).

  1. Working hours are flexible

Having time for your own self and for your family is a basic requirement of any human being. This need is catered for in the nursing profession in the United Kingdom. The nurses there are never burdened too much as the hospitals in the UK are accountable to look after basic human rights too.

Nurses there can opt for a 9 to 5 shift. Or they can choose rotational or even night shifts too. Hence you can choose a time that best suits your daily routine. If someone wants to do part-time or voluntary work, then this option is available too.

This is especially good for nursing students who are opting for voluntary assistance in their free time. Many students seek help from professional essay writers UK for their written work while they polish their nursing skills through voluntary work at the hospitals.

  1. Continual Education

Hospitals in the United Kingdom maintain high-quality healthcare standards through training, development, and support. Nurses in the United Kingdom have the right to an annual personal development review and plan to help them achieve their professional goals.

They’ll have access to a variety of training courses, allowing them to acquire and develop new abilities as their careers evolve. Nurses will be able to study and advance in their careers as nurses in the United Kingdom in this way.

  1. Secure working environment

The hospitals in the United Kingdom also ensure that the working environment for their nurses is secure too. They take all measures to eliminate any sort of threat to the security of the nurses. The nursing workforce will not have to deal with critical situations like violence at work, etc. which may be there in other professions.

Also, the health of the nurses is also looked after as they have to deal with patients with critical diseases. The most basic form of ensuring health safety is washing hands with bacterial disinfectants. Hand hygiene practices of health care workers has been shown to be an effective measure in preventing hospital acquired infections (Kudavidnange, Gunasekara, and Hapuarachchi, 2015).

  1. You can pursue a nursing career in various ways

To become a registered nurse in the United Kingdom, you can choose a variety of paths.

  • You can do a BSN or Bachelors of Science in nursing which is a four years program after which you become a registered nurse.
  • You can procure an LPN degree. LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse degree takes almost one year to be completed. It involves 750 clinical hours which should be completed.
  • You can pursue an Associate Degree in Nursing or AND. This degree takes two years for its completion. You would also need to fulfill the requirement of the clinical hours and some prerequisite coursework.
  • You can also opt for an AND-to-MSN bridge program. Through this, you may bypass doing your BSN if you are already an AND. Then you can pursue MSN Master of Science in Nursing.
  1. Nurse in the UK can opt for a variety of nursing jobs

If a nurse does not want to work in the regular hospitals due to any reason, they can choose other nursing jobs too present in the UK. For instance, you could become a school nurse, home health nurse, correctional nurse, missionary nurse, forensic nurse, public health nurse, informatics nurse, legal nurse consultant, holistic nurse consultant, clinical nurse researcher, or even a nursing educator.


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