Tips To Save Money for Studying Abroad

Students need to save money to study abroad not to just pay for their tuition fees. They have to take care of other expenses, like accommodation rent, groceries and personal expenses like taking academic help from a Dissertation Proposal Service. To manage all of their expenses they need to gather a significant amount.

If you are one of those students as well this post is just for you. Through this post, you will learn tips to save money for studying abroad, so keep on reading.

Tips To Save Money for Studying Overseas

Open A Bank Account:

In the old times, people would save their money a put them in their homes. In a cabinet in their bedroom or some hidden locker to prevent it from getting stolen in case of a robbery.  Times are different now,you no longer need to keep the money in your house, inside some hidden locker, and you can just deposit it in a bank.

When there is money in your house, you are more likely to spend it therefore if you have saved any money for studying abroad you will end up spending most of it or at least a fraction of it. This is because you have easy access to the money at your home. If youopen a bank account and put your saving there then you need to head to an ATM to withdraw the cash and just because you have to cover a certain distance for it, you will drop the idea of withdrawingmoney.

Save Your Change:

When you pay for anything, you are likely to get a change. Over time, the change stays in your purse or gets lost. But since it is such a small amount a lot of students do not bother about it. But think about it for a while, you get changes so often that if you save them, you can collect a big amount. This may not make a big addition to your overall savings for studying abroad, in a case like this you can not afford to lose a single penny.

You can save all the change traditionally, by getting a piggy bank, for example. Or you can use digital means for saving changes such as mobile applications. The downside of owning a piggy bank is that it will not tell you the amount you have managed to save throughout the whole time, you can only know the total amount once your break the piggyback. If you use mobile applications then you can find out the amount you have saved anytime and this will not damage the app itself.

Sell Your Gently Used Clothing and Other Items:

People have gotten pretty much into the trend of buying pre-loved clothing, otherwise known as thrifted clothes. So this basically means that you can sell your clothing which is in good condition to others, for a cheaper price. Since this trend is big these days, you will get a lot of customers but make sure the clothing pieces are attractive to the public eye and the prices are reasonable depending on the cloth’s condition. Pre-loved clothing which is often bought by people are tops, jeans, skirts, etc.

You can also sell accessories like gold jewelry for a very good price as well as used designer bags. While clothing is often affordable when bought brand new, designer bags are really expensive which is why people go for a pre-loved designer bag. You can also sell used furniture, such as your desk or vanity dresser, cupboard, etc. Second-hand equipment such as used cameras, tripod stands, laptops,etc sell well too, the less used they are the more a customer is willing to buy them.

Rent Your Things:

You must have been already lending a lot of your things to your friends or your neighbors. Considering that you have to start saving up for studying abroad, why don’t you rent out your things? You can rent out things to your friends and charge them per hour or day whatever is suitable for you. You can even extend your renting network by making a page on social media, so a lot of people nearby can also rent things from you.

You can rent out furniture and dishware since they are most likely to get rented. Other than this, you can also rent out photography equipment, car, bike,etc (Andre, 2022).Since people need it most for short projects or event photography-related occasions. It is an easy way to earn money by sitting at home which will go directly to the money you have been saving for studying abroad. Through this money, you can easily take academic help from any service just by searching “Write my dissertation for me UK based firms” online as well.

Cancel Memberships:

Canceling memberships of services that you do not use anymore is another way of saving money for studying abroad. Do you remember the promise you made yourself for attending the gym at least 3 days a week and bought a membership? Have you really visited the gym or did you pay the membership cost for nothing? If you have not then either go to the gym or cancel the membership so you can save some money.

If you really want to get fit, there are free options like exercising at home through YouTube tutorials. Taking dogs for a walk or going for a jog in a nearby park is yet another way to get some exercise without paying anything.

Taking Cheaper Flights:

When you are about planning to fly to abroad for continuing your studies, make sure that you choose to fly on a plane with affordable rates. If you are getting a scholarship then it’s the best. Scholarships are a gift (Masteressaywriters, 2021) and most scholarships pay for your flight to the study destination. This will save you a lot of money.


Now that you know the tips to save money to study abroad, make sure to follow them all religiously.

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