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With the growing businesses for the eCommerce industry, the challenge now lies with finding the right and the most appropriate logistics shipping solutions for delivering your orders on time, primarily during the present pandemic scenario, when the entire logistics supply chain has been highly disrupted. 

A robust eCommerce logistics service paves the way for the success of any online store. Hence, setting it in place should be a priority as your customers may get dissipated if they do not get their goods within their expected wait time. 

The present situation is such where people are opting for online shopping over in-store purchases. Most eCommerce businesses prefer outsourcing their warehousing and logistics services as a better solution to offer expedited shipping facilities. Here comes the role of e-commerce logistics companies that provide an all-in-one shipping solution for streamlining shipping and order fulfillment. 

Mumbai being one of the cosmopolitan cities of India, there is great demand for e-commerce logistic companies there, and some popular and there are many courier companies providing logistics shipping solutions all under one roof. However, before knowing about them, let us first understand what the role of e-commerce logistics companies is and how they contribute drastically to maintaining the flow of delivery of goods for the newest trends in the eCommerce sector. 

eCommerce Logistics – What does it Mean?

eCommerce logistics companies are in charge of handling most logistics and delivery operations for online businesses. In other words, they look after the management of products when they are in storage or in transit. They help businesses ship their orders to their customers all across the region, city, or country. 

With the growing complexities of eCommerce businesses, these eCommerce logistics companies provide the perfect shipping solutions by handling inventory management, warehousing and storage, which involves everything right from picking and packing to shipping of online orders. Their services begin from moving the inventory from the manufacturer’s factory/warehouse and finally end with delivering the product to the end customer. 

What to Look for an eCommerce Shipping Partner?

The quantum of eCommerce sales is directly proportional to the speed at which the products are shipped to its customers. However, not every eCommerce business possesses its own logistics network. Such companies rely on third-party logistics partners for their complete shipping solutions.

Hence, when looking for a complete, all-in-one logistics partner, you should look for the following:

  • The ability to store inventory so that you do not need to have your own warehouse. This would save a lot of additional cost for you as an eCommerce business
  • High-end robust technology that ensures real-time tracking of your inventory and orders and even offers advanced analytics
  • Should possess the expertise required to handle eCommerce logistics in an attempt to improve your supply chain
  • Possesses the ability to reduce your delivery time and shipping costs and even offers bulk discounts
  • Should have the facilities of fast-track delivery, like 2-day shipping

There are many eCommerce logistics companies in Mumbai that send items directly to the company’s fulfillment centers. Then, each order is shipped from the fulfillment center that falls closest to the shipping address as soon as an order is received from the customer. 

Top eCommerce Logistics Companies in Mumbai

Mumbai is dotted with some of the best logistics and supply chain companies. They offer leading-edge shipping solutions to all your logistics and warehousing requirements. 

Blue Dart Logistics Services

  • This logistics service providing company is a global carrier, with services all across Mumbai as well. 
  • They allow customers to select their preferred time of delivery and offer slot-based delivery.
  • They provide automated and computerized proof-of-delivery updates and weather-resistant packaging for shipments.
  • They have a pin code reach of over 35,000 within India, including the remotest of places in Mumbai.


  • Pickrr provides an intelligent warehousing and fulfillment solution across multiple destinations, all pin codes across India and even abroad.
  • It does not levy any monthly charges, which means businesses pay only when something is shipped.
  • They provide real-time tracking to track your shipments and manage delivery expectations via mails and SMS alerts.
  • Provides safe and secure handling and shipping solutions
  • Integrates easily with e-commerce platforms and syncs multiple orders on a single dashboard. 

Delhivery eCommerce Logistics

  • One of the largest and most popular in-operation Indian logistics companies, providing services to 18000 plus pin codes in India, including Mumbai
  • Handles logistics of over 7500 eCommerce businesses across India
  • Popular for on-demand deliveries, same-day delivery and scheduled deliveries
  • They provide COD and reverse and exchange logistics too

DLH Logistics Company

  • Another international logistics company with a strong network in the city of Mumbai.
  • Provide a wide supply chain and logistics solutions both domestically as well as globally
  • Its services reach across 26000 plus pin codes in India 
  • It is well-linked and well known among SMEs for its warehousing services. 

Final Take

E-commerce logistics companies in Mumbai should be such that they integrate with your store. They should be compatible with your eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. There are many logistics companies and shipping integrators in Mumbai, but before you pick on any of them, do your homework well and select the one that suits your business needs and operations the best.

Pickrr offers complete shipping solutions to e-commerce businesses, along with an AI-powered dashboard.

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