What you need to know about sleep health

If it was an ideal world, there is a good chance that you can wake up naturally, meaning you can wake up when a sleep cycle is complete. However, school runs, work, and other commitments don’t allow you to wake up naturally. No wonder, it can sometimes be challenging to get out of bed even when the alarm goes off.

You end up feeling tired due to lack of sleep. Remember that when you wake up while in mid-cycle, you can feel groggy and disoriented. You can ensure that you wake up when the sleep cycle is complete by working back from when you desire to wake up to get your suitable bedtime. This post explains what you need to know about sleep health.

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Understanding sleep health

It’s crucial to get a good night’s sleep because it can affect your overall health just like exercising regularly and eating well. Therefore, if you are regularly waking up tired or snoring, then you may not be having the quality and amount of sleep you need.

Studies have discovered that many people with in adequate sleep can end up having unfortunate outcomes, such as a car accident, depression, or workplace injury.

It’s worth noting that drowsiness may slow your reaction time and lack of sleep can make it harder to learn and think efficiently. The amount of sleep you should have can change over time.

A newborn baby usually should have at least 16 hours of sleep every day and about half of this is REM or deep sleep. When you reach adolescence, your sleep needs are about eight and a half hours of sleep every 24 hours and two hours can be REM sleep. Once you are at 50 years, your sleep needs can be at least 6 hours and less than one hour of REM sleep a night.

You should note that it’s not only the type and amount of sleep that can change as you age. Other things may also occur in your sleep patterns. For example, as you are aging, your sleep can be more shallow and you can find that you are easily more disturbed while sleeping by a restless bladder or outside noises.

Older people usually prefer to have afternoon naps which can disturb their sleep during the night. Besides this, they may also go to bed earlier and wake up in the morning early.

Stages of sleep

When you are asleep, the brain goes through several levels and stages of sleep. Each of these has a purpose, though scientists don’t fully know their roles in sleep health.

The first stage is called light sleep which happens when you start drifting off to sleep. Keep in mind that this stage can last for a few minutes. During this time, your breathing and pulse slow down while the muscles start to relax. It is at this time that the brain waves start to get into sleep mode.

Another stage is non-REM sleep which happens before you get into a deeper sleep. Your brain waves, breathing, and pulse keeps on slowing down while your muscles relax more and your body temperature drops.

The deep sleep stage is a type of sleep you need to make sure that you can wake up in the morning feeling well-rested. You can have most of this stage during the night’s first half. Your brain waves, breathing, and purse slow even further and it can be hard to wake up when you are in this stage of sleep.

Lastly, there is the REM sleep stage. During the first period of this sleep, dreams are likely to occur. This usually happens at least an hour and a half hours after falling asleep. If another person decides to look at you when you are in REM sleep, they can see that your eyes move rapidly on each side behind the closed lids.

Also, your brain waves tend to change and look like the brain waves that are noticed when you are awake. Your pulse increases and you breathe faster. You can likely remember your dream when you wake up during REM sleep.


Things you should do when you are experiencing poor sleep

The truth is that you can get a good night’s sleep not only by going to bed on time. You also need to adopt sleep hygiene which is a term that sleep experts utilize to describe practices and habits that are ideal for you to have a good sleep at night.

As we all know, sleeping is a big factor in our health that’s why having enough of it is very important. Adopting a daily activity and choosing the right mattress is beneficial to a night of healthy sleep, puffy helps with your sleep schedule and it’s very important.

You can also create consistent sleep habits. After all, good sleep is usually easier to achieve when you follow a specific routine. This means you must have a consistent bedtime routine. You can choose to go to bed and wake up at the same time to make it easier to fall asleep during the night.

Also, you must have a comfortable sleep environment. Regardless of whether it’s email or texting, reading, TV, or anything else, you need to give yourself time to relax and unplug before bedtime. Ideally, you want the body to associate your bed with sleep. Therefore, you must avoid activities that can increase the activities of your brain rather than slowing it down. Bright lights and screens may also suppress the production of melatonin, making it harder to fall asleep.

In conclusion, every person needs to have enough sleep to be productive during the day. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to many unfortunate things, such as depression and accidents. Therefore, make sure that you plan a good sleep schedule. The good thing is that with some good sleep habits, you can easily get the sleep you need to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Above all, you can decide to consult sleep experts to help you create an ideal sleep schedule.

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