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Best Paraphrasing and rewriting alternatives of QuillBot

If you are a writer, you might have gone through the problem of being out of words. Do you think writers are gifted with a built in dictionary and sentence making thesaurus? Definitely not. Every writer comes across a loss of words at some point in their life. At such difficult times, they divert their direction to the best friend of a writer, the paraphrasing tool. The art of paraphrasing is not a child’s play. It requires thorough checking and consideration before using the words in an official document or in a new piece of writing.

This is where the paraphrasing tools come in. There are hundreds and thousands of paraphrasing tools present on the internet for our convenience and it would not be wrong to declare that we are unaware about which one to use. If you use the paraphrasing tools online on a daily basis, you might have gone through the name “Quillbot”. This is one of the largest online paraphrasing websites which is being currently used by almost every new writer in this field.

This is one of the best paraphrasing tools that gained popularity because it rewrites the sentences in a very neat form. Neat not in writing obviously! The sentence structure and the formation of the sentences seems like it has been written by a human. This makes your article look good and natural rather than filled with odd computerized phrases.

Why need an alternative then?

This is a question that might have popped up in your mind up till now: if Quillbot is the best paraphrasing tool as we have boasted about it, then why do we have to make alternatives? I mean what is the need?

People who have been using this paraphrasing tool online might have noticed the limited number of words (125 words) are allowed in its standard package which is free. Not every person is willing to pay for upgrading to premium. This caused people to move towards creating the alternatives of this website. Some people have complained that they have not received human results when rephrased a single paragraph twice. This definitely raises a question on the credibility of the content and no one would want that to happen.

There are many alternatives of Quillbot that we will be discussing today and from now on, you will know which one to use and refer to anyone. Let us start:

Conversion AI/Jarvis:

People who want to excel in the field of writing content that is unique and near to natural and human-like have been popularly and excessively using this paraphrasing tool online. People who have used it have repeatedly said good words about it and spoke well of it. The result is very fast and it will make sure that the text does not look robotic.


Other than the Conversion AI/ Jarvis, Spinbot is yet another alternative because it helps to write down a large number of articles in an instant in a human way without creating a doubt in the mind of the reader. It is to be noted that this online paraphraser allows about 10,000 characters to be entered in the input box.


This is yet another best paraphrasing tool which has been used by people popularly by delivering results that are commendable. This is because of the fact that the artificial intelligence technology deciphers the text you input properly and understands what you want out of it

Content professor:

This is another paraphrasing website which is comparatively easy to use and understand as compared to the above stated tools. This tool makes sure that the article is compatible with the SEO requirements and tries to take care of the readability issue as well. This is to be noted that it has a vast synonym dictionary which adjusts the words in a very human way

Clever Spinner

This is one of the best paraphrasing tools that gained popularity in a very short period of time. This tool widely became the first choice of students who were worried about writing their thesis and research articles. Therefore, it delivered great and excellent results. The sentence structure phenomena in this tool is outstanding and has to be appreciated


This article rephraser allows you to expand and shorten the sentence as per your need and make it look appealing as per the need of the writer. Many people who have used this paraphrasing website have claimed that they have been appreciated by whatever the output produced by using this tool.

Spinner Chief:

This tool is way better than quillbot but it is used less because it was previously introduced as a desktop software that needs to be downloaded at the computer. This tool evolved and it now works as an online paraphrasing tool as well. This tool has kept in view the essentialities like SEO optimized article production and enhanced readability by the use of AI and statistical analysis.

This Is yet another famous tool for article rewriting. This is the best online paraphrasing tool which is reported to produce the best outcomes which are more human than others in this list. The results are very prompt because it makes sure that the meaning of the sentence does not change at all. It can also translate the data entered in it in 5 different languages which is a different thing as well.

Best Spinner4:

This paraphrasing website is famous for its facility of translating the text in 10 different languages which the Quillbot lacks. This online paraphrasing tool is a great alternative to Quillbot because it produces human text and tends to break down a longer text into many short sentences to make it appear more natural and acceptable.

We have started for you some of the best paraphrasing tools in the market that have been in use already by those who know the skill or paraphrasing. Now you have a chance to analyze them and look for more if you want and opt for the best possible alternative available at your service.

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