BigTime Rundown; 5 Features Which Make It a Top Software

About BigTime

BigTime software has been around for a while. The software was founded in 2002, and in the last 20 years has been a trailblazer in the project management software space. The software was founded and developed by Brian Sanders. The company has always prioritized its software and ensured they are always ahead of the curve with their updates!

BigTime software really allows you to enjoy working because of how easy it makes managing your projects. The software is used all over the world by top professionals in their field. From top accounts to financiers and more. The software has definitely earned a name for itself over the years for the number of features it has. In this piece, we will be talking about the features in BigTime, a best project management software  along with details about BigTime demo to BigTime pricing, and more.

Automatic Tracking

Automatic tracking is a feature we really want to tell you about because of how ingenious it is. The feature allows the software to automatically track all the financials associated with it. All the money going in and out of the business can be recorded and viewed by you at any time which makes finances at your work less of a hassle for you. Keeping track of money to make sure there are no discrepancies is a major part of running a successful business and with this software you are guaranteed a shot at this!

Great Customer Service

The next feature in BigTime software we want to highlight is not a direct feature in BigTime software but is important nonetheless. The feature is the customer service feature which allows you to have a pleasant experience with the software at all times. The feature allows you to troubleshoot any issues you run into with the software immediately by getting in touch with customer care professionals who are there to guide you through any issues you might have run into. All in all, while this may not be a direct feature for the software, it definitely benefits you to have the option for this!

Client Invoicing

The next feature in BigTime software that we definitely ask you to check out in your BigTime demo is the client invoicing feature. This feature allows you to make your finances healthier and also a lot easier. The feature allows you to automate a large portion of billing which essentially means you can relax since you do not have to do the billing yourself. The bills are also created immediately which means that you will be paid much faster as well since your client can receive the bill much sooner too. This really helps you out because you no longer have to wait long wait times to be paid and for your invoices to be cleared.

Project Mapping

The project mapping feature is another feature we would like to highlight. This feature allows you to make visuals of your project and what it will entail. This will allow you to have a better way to present the project to your team and clients since people are more likely to react positively to visuals rather than just verbal explainers and whatnot! The feature also allows you to be able to plan everything so that you can work on a project methodically and be able to complete it on time since you already have a timeline in place for what is supposed to happen at what point!


The next feature we want to tell you about is the templates feature in BigTime software. This feature helps you to not only save time but also make better plans than you did before for your projects. The software comes equipped with a variety of templates you can use to outline the scope of your project. These templates give you a blueprint of what details you need to input for your project. This feature really allows you to relax since all you need to do is add details for your project in a pre-existing template. w

BigTime Pricing

BigTime pricing is pretty average for a software of its kind. The software has a cheaper version with limited features which costs about $10. The expensive versions which give you access to more features cost about $30 or $40 depending on which version you choose. The BigTime price according to several online reviews is well worth the convenience you get in return!

Is BigTime the Software for You?

Now that we have gone into great detail about various features in this software, you are probably wondering whether the software is right for you and your specific needs as a company. We suggest you write down your ideal features in a software and compare them to BigTime software to see if the software is worth it!

We also suggest reaching out to the vendor and requesting a BigTime demo to see the software in all its glory on your own. This will help you determine whether the software is what you thought it was and whether it is worth it to invest in it! We are sure whatever you decide will be the right call for you and your business!

We suggest you read several other BigTime reviews by users to determine whether in the long run the software will work out for you and your needs. We are sure you will make the right decision!


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