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With the development of digital technologies, publishing online has become a trustworthy source of information. And today, a blog serves several functions. Firstly, it helps a site boost traffic and gets numerous leads that increase popularity, sales, and business success. Secondly, regular publishing allows you to create trustful relationships with your customers by providing them with updates, knowledge, tips, etc. If your client gets useful information from you, he becomes more loyal to your company and more inclined to make a targeted action, whether it is a purchase, order, subscription, or more. Two of these reasons are already enough to create a section or a separate page on your site where you post interesting articles. However, you may ask yourself in what sequence to place them to make people like their visual look and attract visitors to read them. The answer you will find in this article where you can also get inspired by blog templates ideas from TemplateMonster. A collection of ready-made solutions with various examples of layouts for publishing allows you to choose the one which will satisfy your needs and meet expectations. However, everything is in order.

Best Blog Templates Ideas for Your Business

Instead of searching for the layouts for publishing online on different sources yourself, you can find everything in one place. TemplateMonster marketplace provides various ready-made solutions for personal or business needs. Using any of them, you get a functional website with a fantastic blog for growing traffic, creating a fan base, and employing it for marketing as a whole. Those already successful companies have a well-designed section for publishing because they understand the power of a stunning online magazine. So, you may learn from their experience and ensure that it is worth posting interesting articles for your audience on their example. Considering the importance of making a professional-looking section or page for sharing information, it is time to learn how to make everything right to squeeze from it the most.

Blog Templates Ideas And Features

Each forward-thinking company should have a stunning-organized place for posting articles. Executed correctly, it can bring you a large volume of targeted traffic without ordering paying to advertise. If you share your thoughts formed in interesting articles, people will come to your site to read your awesome content and benefit. You may write industry facts and news, share tips related to your goods or services, give an explanation of your past project, or post any other information. Besides, you can communicate with your clients and learn their opinion and needs via the comments section.

So, everything mentioned above will work the way you want and bring a fantastic result if you make everything competently. You can create a high-quality website with a lovely online magazine using the offered themes. For implementing an expected result, you get well-organized designs and a wide range of features, such as:

  • responsive design;
  • performance optimization;
  • retina-ready;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • mobile-optimized;
  • dropdown menu;
  • JQuery and Bootstrap;
  • Parallax;
  • sliced PSD;
  • detailed documentation, and more.

Blog Templates Ideas for Different Projects

Everyone agrees that how many people, so many opinions. Tastes may be different, the same as business needs, purposes, requirements. An online magazine on the website of a fashion agency and construction company will look different. In addition, the pages for web publishing of IT firms will also have various designs because the industry is the same, but the vision is different. Considering the variety of tastes, needs, and goals, TemplateMonster provides solutions suitable any existing niche, such as:

  • business and services;
  • beauty and fashion;
  • traveling and sports;
  • photography and design;
  • cars and motorcycles;
  • medical;
  • books and education;
  • home and family;
  • electronics and internet;
  • real estate;
  • society and people;
  • art and culture;
  • animals;
  • holidays, gifts, and flowers.

How to Choose the Best Blog Templates Idea for Your Business

When you decide to use ready-made layouts, the next step is to determine which type of themes you want to use. Your choice will depend on your technical skills and requirements.

  1. HTML templates. They come with pre-made designs and clean code with comments. You edit only the code by selecting them without thinking about placing blocks with content. It is a perfect choice for everyone who grasps HTML and doesn’t want to work on the design.
  2. CMS themes. These include WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, MotoCMS, and other solutions based on content management systems. You don’t need to be a web developer or programmer to create an online magazine using them. All modifications with layout elements you do via an intuitive admin panel.

After determining which type of assets suits you more, it is time to pick the best design for your business. Refer to the left sidebar to mark categories, including topic, tag, styles, web forms, features, colors, etc. You narrow the search and see the most suitable theme for your project by doing it.

How to Implement Blog Templates Ideas With TemplateMonster

As you can see, you can get a fantastic result and bring your company additional profit and popularity if you include a publishing page or section to your site. Viewing the collection presented on Template Monster marketplace, you may think about using one, two, or more themes. Or, you may be wondering about improving the web presence with extensions, modules, graphics, and other additions. Whatever type of digital assets you want to purchase, you can pay only for one of them, and the rest download absolutely for free. This opportunity is available due to the Monster One subscription. This service allows you to download products unlimitedly, paying only one affordable fee. Here are three pricing plans according to different purposes and budgets:

  • Creative – $7.40/month or $89/year (graphics, presentations, video and audio effects, 3D models, 1-year tech support, unlimited projects).
  • All-in-one – $14.10/month or $169/year (website templates, plugins, 3D models, graphics, presentations, video and audio effects, 1-year tech support, unlimited projects).
  • Lifetime – $599 one-time fee with lifetime access to all content on the marketplace (all the options of previous plans + lifetime assistance, lifetime item license, unlimited projects, and unlimited access).

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