Bonnie Wright net worth and lifestyle

Bonnie Wright, who became famous as Ginny Weasley from the leading Harry Potter series, is an English actress and model. So if you are Wright’s fan, then you must stick around with this article. We are going to discuss everything about Wright’s career and her lifestyle.

Therefore, you will be able to get a better overall understanding of her life career success. Let’s not waste more time and begin our discussion right away,

A general introduction:

You might have just known Wright for her acting in the Harry Potter series, but that’s not everything about her. She did work in a couple of other movies giving her a decent success on top of everything.

Also, she was born on 17 February 1991 and started off her acting career early in the Harry Potter series. That was the start of her acting career, taking me to new heights of success and acknowledgment among the masses.

In addition, Wright holds a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking from the University of Arts London. That degree just certifies her professional standing in the entertainment industry. People love her and want to see her more on the big screens.

You might not have an idea about her own short film directing company with the name BonBonLumiere. She made a couple of short films with her experience in filmmaking and, considering her degree, made quite an impact.

Net worth:

Now let’s talk about her possessions and assets. Harry Potter series was the major portion of her career’s income besides other works. In addition, she does modeling for some famous brands, and that is evident through her lifestyle.

This is decent for her acting and modeling career if we consider it together. In addition, the amount is split as there are many things going on in her career at the moment. So that is the figure she has for us to know.


She is living a very peaceful and modish lifestyle through the canvas of her social media. Wright is really active on social media, especially on Instagram. We like seeing her posting exceptional posts every other day posing life and her activities.

In addition, the feed does bring us the feeling that she is fond of traveling to different places. So that is another important aspect of her lifestyle that you should know. Wright has a pet dog that she likes to put up on her social media.

  • She has almost 3.4 million followers on her Instagram, certifying her worth and fame

Therefore, she enjoys great recognition among people from all over the world.


So that was our complete discussion regarding Bonnie Wright. She is rightly a professional actress and certifies her degree. So there is a lot to like and admire about Wright if we look over her entire career.

In addition, she is a wonderful writer and producer at the same time. She does modeling for some brands suggests her dynamic character on all levels.

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