Cardboard Tubes vs Plastic Tubes: Get the Facts

Packaging of a product affects customers’ choice of buying. Industrial paper tube packaging is gaining popularity compared to plastic packaging. Most Industrial businesses and regulatory authorities are on the edge of transforming packaging parameters to eco-friendly due to rising concerns about pollution. Customers now prefer eco-friendly packaging with an industrial paper tube and consider it a key factor when purchasing from a company.

Better packaging choices provide sustainable solutions for protecting the environment. Most people do not know the difference between cardboard tubes and plastic tubes packaged products due to the branding effect. Here is some information about the two types of packaging:

Why Trust Industrial Paper Tubes

The world is changing. Market demands are dynamic with the innovations made every day. Cardboard tubes provide the best packaging solutions to businesses due to their market friendliness. The competitive nature of this paper tube allows investors to get more profits while also taking care of their customer’s interests.

Differences: Cardboard tubes vs. Plastic tubes

Less Expensive

Cardboard tube packaging is effective packing material due to its cost-effective nature compared to plastic tubes. Manufacturing cardboard tubes can be less capital and labor-intensive. The buyer may save a considerable amount of cost that can incur in sales of plastic tubes.

Cardboard tubes are readily available in most stores. They are purchased in bulk, depending on packaging needs, and evade the increased cost. Storage costs may be reduced as they can be placed on top of each other in a warehouse, creating more room for other products.

Industrial paper tube manufacturing gives businesses a competitive advantage in the market by reducing their cost of transportation due to their lighter weight. You may be able to attract more customers with your paper tube packaging with its eco-friendly nature.

Environmentally Friendly

Many businesses have become eco-friendly due to high pollution rates, which have been of global concern. Plastic tubes do not decompose as fast as paper tubes. The presence of a polymer long chain of monomers called polypropylene creates a stronger bond between the molecules. Cardboard tubes have weaker bonds, leading to faster decomposition. Plastic packaging is not always recycled and imposes potential dangers to the environment, such as inhibition of biodiversity.

Plastic tubes are made from fossil fuels, while cardboard tubes are sourced from wood. Fossil fuel as a non-renewable source can pose a threat to the environment compared to cardboard tubes. The production of plastic tubes increases carbon footprint and increases global greenhouse emissions. This is unsustainable compared to cardboard tube production. Paper tube products such as envelopes and packets are tough and protect products in transit.

Useful for Food Packaging

Food products are perishable and require suitable packaging to prevent contamination. The paper tube contains a liner that does not chemically react with food products compared to plastic packaging, which may contaminate food. The chemical stability of the paper tube could inhibit the growth of bacteria and other pathogens in the food products by providing a habitable preservative environment.

Plastic packaging can spoil food after long transit from the packing station. This makes it unfit for consumption. Cardboard tubes provide practical solutions for the storage of food and another assortment of applications.

Easy to Customize

Based on client preference, cardboard tubes are customizable into desired shapes and thicknesses. You can design cardboard tubes in a way that allows you to use the same packaging for different materials.. Food products require a thicker paper tube to preserve their natural content and prevent them from spoiling. Plastic-made packaging materials may have poor insulator mechanisms against heat and other chemical-based reactions to food products since they are not easy to modify.

Easy to Brand

A product package serves as the first point of contact between the product and the customer. Well-branded products can attract and impress more customers in a business. An industrial paper tube is easy to design by the use of graphics, images, and colors into a personalized brand image. Branding of plastic tubes can be capital and labor-intensive compared to cardboard tubes. The visibility of a product into crisper and sharper focus depends on the effort of the packaging element.

Easy to Use

Cardboard tubes are preferred by customers and industries due to their convenience of handling. They are light and secure different content and products for long distances without the emergence of losses. The industrial paper tube provides a suitable stable environment. This can insulate the product from biological and mechanical damage.

Bottom line

Providing sustainable industrial paper tube solutions for your packaging needs requires an expert in the field. Cardboard tubes are a better packaging choice compared to plastic tubes due to their eco-friendly and customizable nature. Based on the use, cost, and other considerable factors, paper tube packaging is a sustainable choice for your business. Consider using cardboard tube packaging for your business.

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