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School is where students begin to dream and build their interests and passion. So right before their high secondary, the students and their parents must decide on their career paths. Best Career Counselling in India states that many careers are outdated nowadays, and they should explore more careers and their scopes before opting for one. A student can prepare for a particular path by improving his skills and developing the necessary qualities only after choosing the right career.

What is career counselling?

Career counselling is a systematic process that helps you understand better yourself and the work to make educational, career and life decisions. The main aim of career counselling is to help you make decisions and suggest developing skills and knowledge to make future career and life decisions. It is a process where a counsellor helps the client know their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, passion and skills well. They conduct psychometric tests to analyse clients’ interests and then suggest suitable career options. It helps school students mature and select a course they want to do without doubt or fear.

Current status of career counselling in schools

In developing countries like India, career counselling is still looked up as a luxury. The truth is that career counselling only helps the students choose the right option for them and indirectly helps in the enhancement of the country. Nowadays, stereotypes are slowly changing, and people take career counselling as a token of approval. Some schools are organising career counselling sessions, and students get to benefit from it.

Many students pick up careers suggested by their parents, relatives and friends. Their random suggestions push the students to opt for the wrong path and doom themselves in the end. Best Career Counselling in Delhi claims that more than 250+ career options and 3000+ occupations are available. Due to the lack of awareness and less exposure, students opt for the same six to seven careers. Students are not exposed to anything apart from doctors, engineers, advocates, civil aspirants, architects and other career options.

Schools are arranging career counselling sessions to give knowledge and idea about the availability of career options to avoid such situations. Since students look up to their teachers as mentors next than career counsellors, the sessions will benefit both the students and the staff. The sessions will turn out to be eye-opening experiences, and the students will be able to opt for the right career based on their interests and passion.

If a student picks up the wrong stream for 12th grade and joins some random course for college, he will end up in the worst job or job he doesn’t like. In choosing careers, one should have short and long-time goals. Opting for something influenced by others might not work, and you will be the one to suffer in future. So, it is better to choose to analyse your wants and interests before picking up one.

Career counselling in schools will help the students in self-realisation and self-discovery of various courses and the ones suitable for them. After a quality session, no one will consider career counselling a luxury, but only as a need.

Importance of career counselling for school students

Career counselling can bring out the best in the students based on their ability, interest and passion. It studies students’ self-doubts and embraces them with the appropriate assessments to make them realise their interests. Analysing the reports, the counsellors come up with suggestions and guidance. Best Career Counselling in India will also help the students groom the vital skills required in the demanding fields. They provide clarity regarding the availability of numerous careers and also keep a list of backups. They help career counselling for students analyse their strengths and weaknesses and assist them to select a suitable career pathway. They will also give you complete details regarding the pros and cons of the chosen careers

How can career counselling help school students?

  • Right career- There are plenty of courses and occupations available, and career counsellors will research and give a complete idea of various courses, their scope, job opportunities and the risks involved. Through the assessments and personal counselling, the counsellors will filter the options based on the interests, skills, values, background, ability, etc., and thus eliminates students’ confusion.


  • Expert Advice- Career counselling makes students sit with an educational professional to clear their minute doubts. An expert is well-versed in a particular field. One can ask any question to have clarity on the subject. Both the mentors and the experts will be friendly and approachable to the students to share things. Having a conversation with an expert satisfies the parents before enrolling their son or daughter on some course.


  • Overall personality improvement- Good career guidance will bring change in a person’s behaviour and personality. School students will be doubtful and full of fear about what to choose next due to the external pressure of society. It will clarify their doubts and boost their confidence level. It also eliminates their unwanted fears. Also, it moulds the students to face the competitive world with sheer confidence.


  • Goodbye to stress and anxiety- Two things travel with school students: Stress and Anxiety. It is the outburst of the pressure of board exams and high expectations from their parents. Opting for a career can be tough and tiring. To support that and take away all the worries, career counsellors make their job easy by helping prefer the right path without any confusion and peer pressure. The mentors of Career Counselling in Delhi will guide students on the skills they have to work on to help them land a good course and a job.


  • Stability- If you ask students what their passion is, they will tell you that they want to become a doctor or engineer. After a few months, when questioned again, their answer would be different from like, of a police officer or an IAS. In helping these jumping minds, career counselling plays an essential role. Career guidance can assist students to take a stand and then putting their entire focus on the chosen field and improvising to reach heights.


  • Reality and manage expectations- Along with career suggestions, career counselling will also teach essential life values like problem-solving. Many students would not be able to accept the reality, and failure, face the competition and meet the expectation of their parents. Career guidance helps stay composed and encounter all the issues with a strong mind and heart.


  • Action plan- The problem with the system is that we all dream big. But none of us executes those into action. So we all stay stagnant in the same place and blame society and ourselves. Career guidance will give students an action plan and tips that make them reach their goals.

What is the right age to take career counselling?

The right age to begin career counselling is between 13 to 14 years. A student in 8th grade starts to develop cognitive and emotional intelligence and that’s when the total perspective of a student will change. They will ask more questions and their brain will be open to more information. Best Career Counselling in India states that imparting career counselling at that time, will mould them into mature people and help them make healthy decisions suitable for them. With career counselling, students will be able to analyse their strengths and weaknesses along with their interests, passion, values, background and skills. Career counselling at school will change the overall personality of the students and make them choose the best for themselves.


Psychometric assessments and counselling sessions can help students know themselves better. They might be thinking of a particular thing, and after the sessions get over, they might discover that they are good at something else. For Eg: A student who thinks he is good at acting, after taking assessments, can find out that he is good at screenplay writing. When he picks up his career as a scriptwriter, he will flourish in this life. So Career Counselling in Delhi can be a life-changing experience for school students.

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