Top 7 Places in India to explore with your dear dad!

Your Dad is a literal superhero without a cape, isn’t he? He does everything he can to put a smile on your face; no matter how hard things get, he always has your back. He is proud of how far you have come in life, and we know that you are thankful for everything he has done for you. However, because of the hectic lifestyle, you dont get much time to show him how much you truly appreciate his efforts. Luckily, an opportunity for you to show how grateful you are is fast approaching; Yes, father’s Day is almost here, and you must make time to give your dad the perfect Father’s Day gift!

We know that the market is full of fantastic gift options, but at this age, your dad would appreciate some quality time and a new experience above all. So, why not take two days off and take your dad on a much-needed trip.

India is the land of incredible scenery, and there are so many unique places that will provide you with memories for a lifetime. Need some help, here are the top 7 places that are the perfect getaway for you and your old man.


If you and your dad geek out on historical facts together, then Hampi is a place you must visit with him. Situated in Karnataka, Hampi, the capital, is found among the ruins of Vijaynagara, an ancient empire that represents the glory of Indian heritage. Explained as an “austere, grandiose site” by UNESCO, Hampi is said to be the ruin of the last great Hindu kingdom and course; it is listed as a world heritage site.

Things to do: Visit Anjaneya Hill, visit Hampi bazaar and temple ruins, coracle ride, fishing, boat rides, and hut stays.


Described as the heaven on earth, Kashmir is a place that soothes your soul. The capital city will win your and your father’s heart in one visit while bringing you closer to each other. Not many people know this, but Srinagar is the summer capital of Kashmir, while Jammu is the capital city for winter. So go and explore the summer vibes of paradise while discovering a whole new side of your dad.

Things to do: Visit the tulip garden, Birdwatching At Manasabal Lake, stay on a houseboat, go for a shikara ride, and visit Mughal gardens


Witness nature at its best while enjoying delicious desserts of the famous German Bakeries with your dad in Kasol, and you will know what peace is. The place is known as mini Isreal, and it has a vibe of its own. Kasol is a place that has something for everyone, and the feeling of sitting at the bank of the Parvati river is not something that can be explained in words.

Things to do: Visit Manikaran Sahib, go to chalal, explore tosh, enjoy Israeli cuisine, and visit malana.

Jim Corbett National Park

Are you feeling a little adventurous? Visit Jim Corbett National Park and feel the thrill of visiting a wildlife sanctuary. Situated in Uttrakhand, Jim Corbett has a variety of resorts according to your preferences and budget. All you have to do is search a little online and take your pick.

Things to do: Jeep safari, elephant safari, visit the waterfall, camping, go fishing and bird watching.


Situated in the hottest region of India, Jaisalmer is a gem that people tend to ignore; cause of the high temperature. But the region is so much more than a desert; it’s a land full of heritage and culture, and if that is something you and your papa bond over, then Jaisalmer is telling you- “padharo mahre des re“.

Things to do: Visit Jaisalmer fort, go to gadisar lake, quad biking on dunes, visit the national dessert park, desert camping and safari.


Also known by the name of Alappuzha, Alleppey is a beautiful seaside piece of heaven in god’s land- Kerala. With one of the highest literacy rates, Alleppey is the cleanest town in India, despite being a tourist destination. So take your dad to a beach that looks straight out of a picture and enjoy the day while relaxing together.

Things to do: Explore backwaters, go kayaking, stay in Kuttanad, and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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