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Chests Make Great Storage Options for the Bedroom

Bedrooms are one area of the home where you can be as liberal as you like with the design. You only have to worry about pleasing your comfort needs and implementing your style ideas. But, in order for you to be comfortable in the space, it has to be well-organized. Of course, the bed is what you think of first when you think of comfort, but if the room is messy, you won’t be able to relax.

So how do you keep the space tidy? One way is to add a chest to the bedroom. Chests come in various sizes to meet your needs. Before choosing a chest, ask yourself what you’re going to store in it. That will determine the size and style of the chest.

Items like sweaters and comforters will need deep drawers to hold the bulky pieces. Tee shirts and undergarments can fit in standard or more shallow drawers. Once you know what you’ll stow away in the chest, the next step is to choose the type you need. Let’s take a look at the different styles of bedroom chests.

You may find a standard chest also labeled as a vertical chest. These are tall, narrow chests that work well in smaller spaces for clothes storage. If you share the space with someone, a chest paired with a dresser will give you ample storage space for both clothing sets.

Lingerie chests are another option that is taller and slimmer than standard chests. The name tells you it’s ideal for thin clothing items. Free up space in your dresser by storing socks, bathing suits, and other items that don’t take up a lot of space. Many newer lingerie chests have lift-tops where you can keep your jewelry.

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A gentleman’s chest has a cabinet and drawer combination for hanging suit jackets, ties, dress pants, shirts, and more. These are tall pieces that usually have a felt-lined drawer for cuff links and other jewelry. Some may have shelving instead of a rod for hanging items. The shelving is well-spaced for bulkier clothing.

Bachelor’s chests are smaller and narrower than gentleman’s chests. They usually have three or four drawers and are great for studio apartments. You can also use them as nightstands so as not to take up too much floor space.

Media chests not only bring storage into the bedroom, but they also add surface space for tv watching. You can set up a small entertainment center as they have an open shelf for cable or streaming boxes. They are just the right height to view the television comfortably from your bed.

Now that you know the differences in the chests, the next step is to decide what color you want. If you want a bright and airy feel in the room, choose lighter colors. They will reflect the sun’s rays and allow the light to bounce around the space. Lighter colors also open up the room, so it will feel bigger if the space is limited.

For warmer, cozier vibes, choose colors on the darker side. Just as light colors make the room feel larger, dark colors tend to shrink the room. You can make a large bedroom feel close and comfy with the right color palette.

Materials such as wood come in a wide range of colors, so they’re very popular. If you want something more glamorous, a mirrored chest will add the flair you’re looking for. Choose a chest that represents you and keeps your space neat.

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