Introduction to Computer Certificates

There are many computer certification exams, and SPOTO will introduce the main exams to you.

  1. Microsoft certification. There are certifications in system management direction, database direction and development direction. They are called MCSE, MCDBA, MCAD / MCSD respectively – <a href=””>check it here</a>
  2. IBM certification. Common domestic IBM certifications include e-commerce direction, database direction, mainframe direction, development direction and so on. Because there are too many directions, they are not all listed here. If you are interested, you can check them on IBM’s website or Prometric or VUE website (these two are the two national certification exam centers) (the certification introduction of other international companies can also be viewed on the websites of these two exam centers).
  3. Lotus certification. Lotus is a subsidiary company of IBM, and its Notes certification has been popular for a while. However, Lotus’s products are mainly used for office automation, so the market is relatively limited. Now few people apply for the lotus certification.
  4. Sun certification. It mainly includes two directions: one is the management direction of Sun Solaris System, and the other is the very popular Java certification direction. The Java direction includes SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD, SCMAD, SCWSD, SCEA, etc. The highest level is SCEA, named Sun Certified Enterprise Architect.
  5. Oracle certification. The main direction is Oracle database management. The Oracle certification exam can only be registered after attending the training of Oracle authorized institution.
  6. Cisco certification. Cisco certification has been very popular in recent years. It mainly includes CCNA / CCDA, CCNP / CCDP and CCIE certifications. The highest level certification is CCIE. There are probably thousands of people who have obtained CCIE certificate in China. They will receive good job treatment and salary. CCIE certification is also the certification with relatively high value at present. The exam fee is expensive, which costs more than 1,666 US dollars.
  7. Adobe certification. It is aimed at the company’s products, including web design, graphic design, digital video, business publishing and other directions.
  8. HP certification. There is HP-UX system management certification.
  9. Linux certification. It mainly includes LPI certification and does not belong to company certification. It is a certification exam of an international non-profit organization.
  10. CIW certification. It has a series of certificates concerning the Internet. By the way, the full name of CIW is Certified Internet Webmaster. Therefore, CIW series of certificates focus on all aspects of the Internet, such as website development, maintenance and management, network security, and so on.

2、 Domestic certification exams

  1. National Computer Rank Examination (NCRC). It is launched by the Ministry of Education, with Level 1- Level 4. The highest level is level 4, which corresponds to the level of Bachelor in computer science. The examination is divided into two parts: theoretical examination (written examination) and computer examination. Generally speaking, the preparation of written examination is a little easier than computer examination. During the computer examination, candidates sometimes may feel too nervous to do it well.
  2. The Computer Software Level and Qualification Test. It is jointly held by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Information Industry. It is divided into multiple directions, and each direction has three levels. However, at present, not all directions have the highest level. Taking the program development direction as an example, there are programmers, software designers and system analysts (the most senior). To sum up, a large number of foreign certifications listed above were once popular (since the Internet and IT boom in 1999). Today, certificates are no longer particularly sought after by employers. Therefore, it is enough to only participate in the certification of the work direction you will be engaged in in the future.

Direction 1 Software development

In terms of the direction of software development, you may first consider the Software Level and Qualification Test (usually referred to as Soft Test). And if you want to develop in the direction of Java, you can consider the java series certification exam of Sun.

Direction 2 System management

System management mainly refers to Linux / Unix system management and database system management. You can consider choosing the Unix system of Sun or HP or the Linux system of LPI to take the exam. In terms of database, you can consider Oracle certification.

Direction 3 Network management

There are few choices in the direction of network management. Cisco certification accounts for the largest proportion. In addition, Soft Test also includes the certificate of network direction, such as network designer. What’s more, Huawei’s certification exam is also available in the industry.

Direction 4 Creative design

The direction of creative design is Adobe’s preponderant domain. According to the above introduction to Adobe certification, choose the certification suitable for you.

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