Cisco CCIE Certification and Other ICT Technology Certifications

I have got Huawei certification, Cisco certification 300 420 training Red Hat certification, H3C certification and Tencent certification. I’ll share them with you today.

Huawei Certification System

Now Huawei certification is divided into three levels, namely

HCIA: Huawei Certified ICT Associate

HCIP:Huawei Certified ICT Professional

HCIE:Huawei Certified ICT Expert

Of course, the social recognition is the highest in HCIE, and the difficulty is also the most difficult in HCIE (the key is in the interview). When I took the cloud computing IE exam, there were three people who took the exam on the same day and failed two.

Therefore, we must make full preparations before the test, and learn more from experienced candidates. When I took the IE test for the first time, i also made full preparations in all aspects before I passed the test safely.

But HCIE’s knowledge system is also the most comprehensive, and it’s the best way to find a job.

Freshgraduates can easily get an offer to enter the industry with HCIE. For junior engineers who have worked but have not much experience, they can get a raise by relying on HCIE (most companies will increase employees’ salary, for they have HCIE), or they can get more salary by job hopping (it’s very common for young men who work in small companies to jump to large companies and double their salary. In those years, I just jumped like this and enjoyed myself.)

Huawei Certification Direction

Huawei is a very powerful company with annual revenue of USD 133 billion, and has reached the world’s top level in many technical fields.

Huawei’s technical certification is also divided into several directions. The first certification for most engineers is RS (HCIA-Routing & Switching).


  1. HCIA-Routing & Switching is the foundation of other technologies. No matter what you learn, the foundation of data communication is better.
  2. RS can meet the needs of most of the enterprise’s employment needs, for the sake of certificate column,

Search HCIE in the recruitment website, the number of RS related positions is the largest.

  1. RS technology is relatively mature, and test preparation for the latest data mining, intelligent computing, quite unstable, whose knowledge points have been changing.

Let’s take a look at the specific knowledge points of the three levels and the examination methods.

HCIA-RS involves a wide range of technologies, basically covering all the concepts of data communication, but they are all superficial. By learning IA, you can have an understanding of the overall technology.

It’s probably the positioning of HCIA in the market to work independently on small projects without too much pressure, or to work on major projects.

HCIP-RS has a wide range and depth, and is more closely related to the actual project.

The examination is also divided into three subjects, namely, routing and switching technology, network optimization and project management.

HCIE-RS is an expert level certification, and the examination is divided into three rounds, which are

  1. The written test is conducted in the authorized examination center, and there are test sites in all provincial capitals.
  2. For the machine test, you can choose one of the test sites in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Beijing and Chengdu.

The machine test lasts for 8 hours. It’s a huge comprehensive experiment. In the middle of the exam, administrator will provide you with a packed lunch.

  1. The interview is also in Huawei. But what’s interesting is that when you come to Huawei, you will still be given a computer with a camera for remote interview. There are 2-3 interviewers, who respectively investigate different contents, and the examination time is 1 hour.

The interviewer can see you, and you can’t see the interviewer, but remember to smile.

In addition to HCIA-Routing & Switching, Huawei’s second choice of certification direction includes cloud computing, storage, network security and other directions, which can be used as its second IE, and the test is also written test, machine test and interview.

After passing the examination, we will receive 5 sets from Huawei, including certificates, trophies, business card holders, etc.

Huawei just updated its certification course in April, and its certification name changed from RS to Datacom.

Datacom is actually an upgrade version of Rs. if you take IE of RS, you can upgrade it to IE certificate of Datacom automatically.

The correspondence is as follows:

HCIA-Routing & Switching->HCIA-Datacom

HCIP-Routing & Switching->HCIP-Datacom-Advanced Routing & Switching Technology

HCIE-Routing & Switching->HCIE-Datacom


H3C has always been in the first echelon in the enterprise data communication market. During the anti epidemic period, the data communication system of each Xiaotangshan Hospital is also deployed and guaranteed by H3C.

Therefore, H3C’s channels and ecosystem are very perfect. It is also a choice to obtain H3C’s technical certification, but H3C’s popularity is lower than Huawei’s.


As a former overlord, Cisco’s certification can not be underestimated. Many years ago, when I just joined the industry, Cisco certification was synonymous with network technology certification. However, in 30 years of Hedong and 30 years of Hexi, now the social recognition of Cisco certification is relatively low, mainly for two reasons.

One is that because of network security, large enterprises and the government have gradually replaced Cisco products with domestic equipment. Cisco’s market has been on a downward trend, and the establishment of joint ventures by colluding with the tide has not been able to reverse.

In the same way, Oracle has laid off a large number of employees in China. If the certification of these foreign manufacturers is not for the purpose of going abroad, it is not recommended to take the examination now.

The second reason is that Cisco’s CCIE examhas only written test and machine test, but no interview, so its social recognition is lower than that of HCIE.

Cisco certifications include CCNA certification ccna 200 301 course CCNP certificationand CCIE certification.


MAiPU is one of the earliest network technology companies in China. Professional router products are widely used in demanding scenarios such as financial network and government network. We can see its technical strength.

However, MAiPU’s engineer certification is relatively minor. If the employment goal is MAiPU company, MAiPU’s agent, or MAiPU’s user unit, it will be very helpful to obtain MAiPU’s engineer certification.

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