Company Registration Certificate

Company Registration Certificate is the legal document stating that you are a legal entity and have the right to do business in certain market. You can get this certificate after your successful registration of your company. Your nature of business will vary depending on your business, but the certificate will be allowed to you only after successful registration. A registration certificate serves as legal confirmation of a company’s identification. For this you will get all the advantages provided by the company’s structure

Company Registration Certificate Malaysia

You can get the certificate only after you have successfully registered your company. The registration process in Malaysia is easy if you know all the rules and information regarding registration. Company registration in Malaysia can be done by following some simple steps. There are steps and procedure in registering company in Malaysia. Registering a company in Malaysia requires some documents to be submitted and some fees to be paid.

Company Registration Certificate Thailand

Everywhere you decide to start a business, you must go through the registration process. Thailand is no different. The main goal is same. Submission of documents, following the procedures and applying for the registration. Company registration fee in Thailand is not that high. With proper guidance and consultancy, you can get your company registered fast. Once you have registered you are entitled to the facilities provided by the government for businesses in Thailand.

Company Registration General Information

If you wish to start a business in your country or in any foreign country, you must go through the country specific process. Everywhere it is different. There might be some countries where the process is the same. In general, the main information to know are as follows:

  1. Preparing company name
  2. Finding out if the name is available
  3. Collect all relevant documents
  4. Fill up form in designated offices
  5. Submit all the forms and documents to the designated offices

After this general process you will be able to get your business certificate to conduct your business in the country. There will be a business registration number provided to you. This number is the identification number for your business. This number will be used by the government to track your business. If you decide to alter the name of your company or change the nature of business, you must go to the designated office to get your information updated against your business registration number. You must update your company registration certificate.


Development in technology has enabled us to grow. Foreign business registration has become an important part in growing your business. Process can vary but the main registration part is the same in any country you want to register. Having the registration certificate shows your legal rights to conduct the business in any country. We here at S & F Consulting firm will provide you the best consultancy for your new business registration. We will help you get your company registration certificate fast. We provide guidance on company registration in foreign country.

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