Evening Desert Safari -Top Enthralling Activities

If you are planning to visit the conservation reserve of Dubai, we recommend you grab a sunset tour. Evenings at desert safari Dubai are the most epic ventures one could imagine. As the dusk is full of overwhelming opportunities to grasp. From riding a fat bike recklessly to screaming over the fire show, the excursions in an evening desert safari are timeless. Explore with us what a standard evening tour to the Arabian dunes invites you to.

Best Opportunities for Thrill-lovers in an Evening Desert Safari

1.   Dune Bashing in SUVs

One who knows about desert safari is also familiar with its crazy sand activities. One of those enthralling terrain sports is Dune bashing. Locals and tourists both enjoy the insane four-wheeler ride at the dunes of Dubai. Dune bashing takes place in a hummer, land cruiser, roofless Jeep Wrangler, or a dune buggy. All these terrain vehicles allow a roller coaster ride to experience the highs and lows of sand dunes.

You’ll see a Hummer running in abundance on the Golden Dunes because it’s the safest and most reliable SUV. You can also enjoy dune bashing by means of a buggy. As its open-air skeleton offers great views of the sunset while dune bashing in the evening.

2.   Biking on the Reddening Dunes

Quad biking is for true thrill-seekers who want to cover the dunes solo. In a typical quad bike ride, you are seated on a 4-wheeler bike to drift over the terrain. The vehicle is of fat tires and a light body. Thereby, it allows a streamlined delivery on the rough and grainy surface of the terrain.

Experience a mountaineer’s kick by getting your hands on a fat bike. It’s a two-wheeler that requires balancing. You’ll get instructed by a professional biker on how to ride a fat bike. And after practicing the first few steps, you’ll be able to hit the dunes like a pro!


3.   The Joy of Sand Skiing

If you ask for the most joyous activity at a desert safari in Dubai, we’ll pick sandboarding! You may have tried surfing the road on a hoverboard, skiing on the ice or waterboarding. Now try sandboarding and feel the difference in how it looks when a surfer hits the sand dunes during sundown. The orange surroundings of the desert contribute to your joy while you jump over the dunes via sandboard.

4.   Camel Riding

Satisfy your wanderlust by riding a cames in the middle of the Arabian dunes. A camel safari directly represents the heritage of Dubai. The Bedouins used to load camels and travel over them for the purpose of migration. However, the city has developed miles ahead but it hasn’t forgotten its saviors. The land developers enabled camel rides at the national ranch of UAE so that visitors could explore it by historic means.

5.   Show of the Blazing Fire

Not just crazy sand activities define the thrilling opportunities of an evening desert safari. Meeting the thrill in an evening tour also means witnessing its amazing shows. The fire show is portrayed after the sunset at the campsite by fierce stuntmen. The audience is fascinated as the stuntmen perform contemporary moves in the furious boundaries.

The fire show is performed at the campsite on the live entertainment stage. Be the audience of this intense fire dance by choosing an evening itinerary for a desert safari.


The transitioning hues of the Arabian dunes invite travel enthusiasts from all over the world. Meeting the thrill and excursion of the terrain under the compulsion of the setting sun is a deadly combination. Take advantage of an evening desert safari as it is known for dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and camel riding. All these terrain activities not only promise thrill, but they’ll also work as props for your cool snaps. So name an evening of your life in this nomadic place in Dubai and encounter the ultimate charge.

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