Most Visiting Places in Dubai

The Persian Gulf city -Dubai is popular due to its myriad sightseeing landscapes. It has natural and manmade wonders and luxurious shopping hubs. Whether the madcaps are finding some spine-tingling sports, or a wanderer is searching the right spot to click some cool snaps. It keeps every amenity for every sort of tourist.


The city is known for its hospitality at its renowned locations. If you are new in the city and want to explore the best out of its glitz, grab a good itinerary as we did through happy adventures tourism. Let the guides handle the arrangements pile & enjoy your vacation at the best.


Check out what we encountered in the Emirates under the hospitality of happy adventure tourism. Reach out to your travel guide, and explore out of the following best places worth visiting in the city of gold.

Best Places in Dubai that are Worth Visiting

1.   Desert Safari


Fulfil your dreams of adventures in the golden desert of the  UAE. Dubai desert safari takes you on an archaic journey. Here a nomad’s lifestyle is presented cloaking modern-day modifications. Enjoy ventures like dune bashing, camel, riding, sandboarding, and other sand sports along with desert camping. Happy adventures tourism is a great pick if you want to get accompanied by tour operators.

2.   Burj Khalifa


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Burj Khalifa is a renowned tourist attraction of the whole Emirates. The world’s largest tower offers a fascinating view of the whole Emirates from the deck. Escalate to the 124th observation deck and enjoy the breathless views of the city. Burj Khalifa carries the famous dancing fountain in its vicinity. Don’t miss the insane dance of this vivid fountain which dances over 50 Arabian and international beats.


3.   Traditional Souks and Creek


The famous Creek separates the city into Bur Dubai and Deira. It’s home to the giant trading gold and spice souks. You can visit them through an Abra ride, which is a water taxi and costs only one dirham to unveil the hidden gems of old UAE.


4.   World’s Largest Shopping Arena


The largest and the most luxurious Dubai Mall is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Its carries around 1200 outlets of famous brands. Along with that, it’s a home for around 140 marine species. There’s a lot more to explore at this luxurious mall apart from shopping. Such as an ice-rink, a walk-through surrounded by real sharks and rays, a gaming zone for kids, cafes & dine inns, and a movie complex.

5.    Jumeirah Beach


Nestled in the southern region of Al-Fahidi Fort, Jumeirah beach is a renowned destination of Emirates. Spend a day full of energy and joy with your family because the bank of the Arabian ocean invites you to its countless charms. The amusing activities at Jumeirah beach include jet ski, kite surfing, and waterboarding. There are also top-notch resorts and cafes built at the gulf side from where you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the majestic Burj Al Arab.

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Dubai is home to skyrocket buildings and wondrous natural assets. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got a chance by any means to witness this myriad land of luxury living. There’s a lot more to unmask at this middle-eastern landmark.


If you wish to visit the same places or want to dig up more about the city tour, reach out to an itinerary offered by happy adventures tourism. They have great deals and combo packages whether you want to visit the city’s souks, malls, adventure parks, or the majestic desert. Be another awe-struck guest of the Emirates and collect memories of a lifetime.

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