Features That Make Sense of Your Streaming Platforms

“Well begun is half done!”- Aristotle.

As Aristotle rightly stated, much depends on the beginning of the endeavor. Therefore, for users to download and enjoy your app services, they need basic features that help them navigate through the app seamlessly.

But firstly, what do you understand by live streaming? Is it worth starting a business for? Let’s check that.

What is an On-Demand Video Streaming App?

A video on demand mobile app allows the users to watch a movie, TV show, series, and play games of their choice. You can also screen share the app and watch it on a bigger screen. All you have to do is download the best live video streaming app and subscribe for high-quality streaming.

Broadcasters who are serious about offering live content integrate video hosting, live streaming and VOD with mobile app development companies. Here are reasons why OTT platforms are booming:

  • White Label Streaming
  • API Access
  • Multi-use Access
  • Live Stream Recording
  • Scalability

So what are the types of streaming apps that you can choose from? Here we are not talking about names of top-ranked OTT platforms but the types of applications that an enterprise can leverage.

Types Of Streaming Applications

Live Broadcasting Apps

These are the most popular types of video streaming apps where you can watch live videos. Real-time live videos that are shot and posted at the same time. Top examples of these apps are Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube.

Audio Streaming

It follows the same rule of live broadcasting apps, however, it is only relevant to audio files. You can only download online music. Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, are some of the popular music streaming apps in the market.

Video On Demand Streaming

It is the current era where online content consumption has increased in the form of movies and TV series. What sets apart from the traditional viewing is a user can pause, rewind and resume whenever they want. A subscription based model streaming where you can watch online content multiple times at your convenience.

So what comes next in this on-demand service? If you are looking forward to building an app like any of the above types, what are the features you need to integrate in your application?

Run through the list of a few necessary features to be added to live streaming apps and ensure it’s competitive with other streaming app services in the market.

Uniqueness always grabs more attention and incorporating out-of-the-box features will surely bring more viewers to your OTT users list.

Must-Have Features to Create Live On-demand Platforms


It is one of the main steps to getting started with the mobile app. Users can easily connect with their social media accounts like Facebook or email.

Personal Profile

A streaming service should allow users to create personal profiles and manage their data, passwords, email address, and other payment-related information. Most importantly, every profile should be able to access everything on the application, from favorite shows to suggestions about what to watch.


Users like to pick shows and movies according to their mood and time. Filters are very convenient for users to track the new and trending shows, for example, crime, romantic, comedy, action, drama, adventure, news, etc.

Payment Methods

A video streaming app should provide multiple payment options such as debit/credit cards, UPI payment, Wallets, and PayPal accounts like other on-demand app services.

Screen Sharing

Every smartphone has a screen-sharing option these days. Therefore, every application should have the same feature to show the content on a bigger screen. For example, screen sharing is the best feature for gaming consoles where millions of viewers are attracted. Diversify your live streaming app with some gaming content to stand out in the market.

Social Media Sharing

Users feel happy to share something good they watch with their friends and family. Therefore, they will appreciate one-click sharing to various social media apps.


Every individual looks for privacy when sharing their personal information over the internet. But how would you make an app private? It’s simple, give the users the access to broadcast the videos or share to only those they want to and not the entire world.

For example, WhatsApp– it has options like, “My Contacts”, “My Contacts Except”, and “Only share with.”

Last but not the least, why would you invest in creating mobile apps?

Reasons to Invest in Video Streaming App Development

The on-demand mobile streaming apps are trending and with the increase in the internet and technology, there are more and more applications that are introduced in the market. Currently, more than half of America is using this platform for hours in a day.

Take a look at the current statistics:

  • Global live streaming app market is anticipated to reach $243 million in the next six years with a CAGR 22.8%.
  • A survey says that 47% of the viewers like to watch live streaming content rather than traditional and relatable videos.
  • Talking about the money invested in the creative video, it is said that $100 billion will be spent by the end of the next year where $90 was spent two years ago.


There is no strict rule to excel in the competitive OTT market however, the industry is dynamic and volatile. Today, the top-most ranked OTT platform is Netflix and millions of users are running through the app on a daily basis.

Seeing the traffic on this OTT platform, many startups with an idea to create a live streaming app of their business are willing to follow Netflix clone. The best option to create an app is always to make a clone instead of developing the app from scratch.

Get on quickly with the discussion for your live streaming app idea today!

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