What Does Second Hand Smoke Do to a Child?

Secondhand smoke is smoke that a non-smoker involuntarily inhales. Secondhand smoke is as bad for health as mainstream smoke.

The smoke that comes out from the end of your lit cigarette and that you exhale is highly detrimental to the people around you. People who accidentally inhale the sidestream smoke have to face severe health problems.

The toxic chemicals that come out of a smoker’s breath create several diseases among children and adults. Children are more prone to secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoke badly affects the lungs of children and also causes respiratory problems. It also causes various incurable infections in children.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke ( ETS), passive smoke or involuntary smoke, is the kind of smoke that remains in the environment and badly affects people’s health. There is some evidence that shows that nearly 85% of secondhand smoke is invisible and odourless, which means it lingers over the surface, and nobody can smell it.

Thousands of children are subconsciously inhaling secondhand smoke in their houses, schools, and public places. Nearly 2 million children in the UK are exposed to secondhand smoke.

Smoking in restaurants, bars and other enclosed areas has been banned in the UK since 2007. However, it’s the smoke of homies that affects children’s health. Those who smoke cigarettes in front of their children jeopardize their children’s lives.

Effects of Passive Smoking On Children’s Health.

Though passive smoking is detrimental for everyone, it seriously affects children’s health. The toxic chemicals found in smoke like tar and carbon monoxide can affect the normal development of your child’s lungs.

If you are exposed to secondhand smoke while you are pregnant, there is a chance that your baby may have to suffer due to the toxic and harmful chemicals.These harmful chemicals can lead you to severe health problems such as:

  • Premature birth.
  • Lungs infection.
  • Sudden infant death syndrome,
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

The health risk could go up if a pregnant woman smokes. A woman should quit smoking as soon as possible. Otherwise, the consequences would be dangerous.

In the UK, 95,00 children get admitted to the hospitals every year due to their exposure to secondhand smoke. Moreover, secondhand smoke affects the cardiovascular system and causes coronary heart diseases.

Brief exposure to secondhand smoke could damage your blood vessels’ lining and badly affect your blood platelets.

Passive smoking has immediate health effects. It can disrupt the normal blood flow; can cause headaches, coughs, dizziness and nausea.

Secondhand smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals, including;

  • Ammonia, used in cleaning products
  • Benzene, found in gasoline products
  • Cadmium, an extremely toxic metal
  • Cyanide, used in chemical weapons
  • Formaldehyde, an industrial chemical

Steps to Prevent Second-Hand Smoke.

To avoid secondhand smoke, you must quit smoking right away. Secondly, make sure that no one smokes around you or your loved ones.

Moreover, you can educate your children about the effects of smoking and tell them to stay away from people who smoke regularly.

Vape: A Completely Safe Device and An Aid To Smoking Cessation.

If you are a smoker and are trying to quit smoking, yet, you haven’t achieved effective results, then it is high time for you to change your smoking cessation technique. People take on vaping vary from person to person.

There are few countries that have entirely banned the consumption of vapes. For instance, in 2019, the US has seen some of the worst cases of respiratory illness, and it has been reported that around 70 people die because of vaping. But this is not completely true! And it has nothing to do with the vapes.

The deaths are due to the consumption of illegal and toxic contaminants and not because of regular vaping. No similar outbreak was seen in the UK, and the toxic chemicals that are not good for people’s health are completely banned.

E-cigarettes or vapes are battery-powered devices that turn an e-liquid into an aerosol that a user inhales.

E-liquid is made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavourings. None of the ingredients that are mentioned above is bad for human health.

A vape cannot operate without an e-liquid. Several vape stores and online platforms are facilitating people with premium and quality e-liquids and flavours. However, Geek Bar Vape and Elf Bar Vape stand out differently because of their quality and price.


For a smoke-free environment, it is essential for people to not smoke a cigarette in homes, restaurants, public places or anywhere else. Smoking is hazardous for everyone. However, if you think that it is hard for you to quit smoking, then you should take an effective approach and switch to vapes. Vapes can help you to quit smoking permanently.

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