Geometry: An Important Branch of Architecture

Geometry and Architects can be regarded as the two sides of the same coin, that is they are incomplete without each other. Geometry is one of the main branches of mathematics for those who want to pursue their career in drawing. Geometry is one of those branches that deal with shapes and sizes. This branch of mathematics also deals with the area and perimeter of different shapes, also the length of the sides of a square or rectangle, the diameter of circle, and many other things.

This article deals with different types of shapes which we study in geometry. It also discusses the area and perimeter of all the shapes.

The first shape which we are going to discuss is square.

  • Square: A four-sided closed polygon whose length of all sides is equal and the angles formed by these sides are perpendicular to each other. The diagonals of this polygon intersect in such a way making ninety degrees to each other. The length of these diagonals is equal.

The area of the square can be taken out  squaring a side

The perimeter of the square is four times equal to the length of the side.

  • Rectangle: It is also a polygon with four sides that has opposite sides of equal length. Rectangle has wide application in one’s life. It is a two-dimensional geometrical shape.

The perimeter of the rectangle is equal to 2(l+b).

The area of the rectangle can be easily found out by multiplying the length and the breadth of the rectangle.

  • Triangle: It is a three-sided geometric shape whose sum of all the angles is equal to a one-eighty degree. The triangle also is one of the most used shapes of mathematics. It is used in a variety of mathematical concepts. There are three types of triangles that we study in mathematics.

Those are equilateral, Isosceles, and right-angled triangles. The equilateral triangle is the type of triangle that consists of three sides whose lengths are equal and angles are sixty degrees in magnitude. An isosceles triangle is a type of triangle whose two sides are of equal length whereas the right angle triangle consists of at least a right angle.

The area of the triangle is equal to half into the base into the height of the triangle.

The perimeter of the triangle can be taken out by the sum of the length of all the sides of the triangle.

  • Circle: A circle is a two-dimensional geometric shape that is formed by various points which lie at a fixed distance from the center of the circle.

The line which joins the center to any point on the circle is known as the radius of circle whereas the line which passes through the center of the circle and joins from one end of the circle to the other is known as the diameter of the circle. A chord is a line joining any two ends of the circle.

The area of the circle is given by the formula pi*r*r where r is the radius of the circle. The perimeter of the circle is equal to 2*pi*r.

Listed below are some of the basic properties of the circle.

  • If the radius of the two circles is the same, then such a type of circle are known as a congruent one.
  • Tangents are made at those points where the diameter of the circle meets the circle and is parallel to one another.
  • Any two circles can be defined as the tangent circle if both the circles meet each other exactly at a single point.
  • When two circles bisect, the line that connects the bisecting points will be directly perpendicular to the line that connects their center points

These are some of the basic properties of the circle.

These were some of the important shapes which we study in mathematics. If someone faces any doubt in mathematics, then they can clear their doubts with the help of a website known as Cuemath. This website is a great initiative to help a lot of students in clearing their doubts and making their weak concepts strong.

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