Global Brands Examples And More Relevant Facts To Know

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Global branding is a business strategy which focuses on tapping the global market through digital ways and means. There is a need to use a global platform like a website to reach potential customers. For your business to succeed, you have to recognize the fact that it is important to use an effective digital tool and platform. Not just a website, you also have to utilize other platforms and tools such as a mobile app and a web application. The most important principle you have to possess and apply is to ensure that the global market is being tapped.

There are certain Global Brands Examples which you should know. Knowing them can give you inspiration and motivation. Of course, you will be aware that they have succeeded in their business endeavors because of the applied branding strategies. According to the global brand definition, focusing on the global market is a great chance for your business to stand out. Having said that, your brand should be able to reach the global audience. And it can be realized through the execution and implementation of modern-day business approaches.

If you want to succeed, you should follow the footsteps of the more experienced global brands. This is the main reason why in this blog post, you will learn the examples of known global brands. Enlightening your mind is awesome as far as hitting your goals and objectives is concerned. Hence, you have to read this article completely. It can provide you with helpful thoughts and concepts.

Global Brands Examples

Below are the specific examples of global brands that are popular.


This is the first global brand to be explained here. Coca-Cola is one of the most popular global brands today. They can be considered as a veteran in the business industry. They had started their operation on January 29, 1892, in Atlanta, Georgia, US. From that time onwards, they have built a company that is recognized well not only in the US but also in the whole world. One of the most remarkable strategies that this company has been implementing is consistency. They have been consistent through the years in providing high-quality products for their market.

Furthermore, this company has been known for promoting values such as family centeredness, happiness, and the importance of sharing. Because of such values, they have been recognized as one of the top brands globally. Increasing local sensitivity is also at the core of their business principles. This is the essence of why they have become one of the most famous global brands. When we say a “famous global brand,” it simply means a brand that is recognized in the whole world. Lots of people have been patronizing them because of their great effort to serve the market with integrity, consistency and quality.


Apple is another global brand that has been recognized as one of the most influential brands in the whole world. Their global recognition has been manifested by at least 1.8 billion active devices worldwide. The truth of the matter is that Apple has been trusted by billions of people with respect to their tech-related needs. In the present generation, did you know that Apple is the most successful company? This company as of now is worth a whopping $3 trillion (USD). With this figure, it can be surmised that this company is really making lots of money. Why? Because of its popularity all over the world. No questions asked. When you hear the word Apple company, you already know that this company is behind iPhones, iPads, iMac, MacBook, among others.

Do you know their main strategy? It’s a “one-size-fits-all strategy”. This strategy has been reaping fruits for their company. So, you can follow their strategy if you want to create a brand that can be recognized globally. By doing this, your success is near at hand. Another good thing with them is they have been able to create brand content that is for local consumption and appreciation. Therefore, the international audiences have successfully been tapped. It has led their business to become strong as a competitor in the tech industry.


This is another exciting global brand that focuses on providing an end-to-end travel platform. When you have a planned trip to a place that is not familiar to you, it is better to use an Airbnb app. Why? Because it can guide you to book an affordable temporary apartment or hotel. The app of this company can offer a stranger’s home that is cozy and is within the client’s budget. Hotel accommodations can be best and most efficiently be done through using this platform. The revolutionized popularity of Airbnb has paved the way for you to understand the real essence of global branding.

All their services can be accessed through the Internet. In this sense, Internet marketing functions well and favorably for them. Around the globe, thousands of listings can be found. Every client should only use their app to book a temporary home. That said, they are offering comfort and convenience to all travelers worldwide. Wherever you are, so long as there are listed homes in Airbnb, one can find a temporary shelter. Traveling is made easy in this case. So, it is advised to emulate their system in order to gain great monetary returns. For sure, your brand will be recognized if you will follow their strategy of extending your reach through the Internet.



Providing the best experience to every customer is their main mantra. Starbucks has gained its popularity through the years of solid experience. Well, it all started with the idea of just coffee consumption. Starbucks has been known globally as a provider of coffee needs on the market. But it is not just about providing coffee products to every customer. Further to say, the brand of this company is about letting the customers have a cozy atmosphere. That is why they are investing much in their physical locations. Every time a customer comes in and orders a coffee product, there is a conducive environment where the customer sips his or her coffee.

Every Starbucks physical location is classy, right? More to say, this company is investing in a custom-made coffee, coupled by fast and efficient service by the friendly staff. The bottom line is that they believe in the idea of providing what is best for the audience. This is the best principle that should be followed; otherwise, your business will be left behind by the competitors. As much as possible, you have to make sure that you can create a brand that is prioritizing customer experience. Remember that Starbucks has gained its popularity on high-quality service all around the world.


This is another global brand which has been recognized by lots of people worldwide these days. We are now in a fast-paced world, right? Did you know that Ikea has invested in the new modern world’s business landscape by providing sustainability, low price, function, form and quality. All their products are sustainable, low-priced, and high-quality. That is why they have been recognized as one of the best global brands in the world today. At the same time, they have been able to understand the demands and needs of the global market. This is the main reason why they have been excelling in their chosen business industry.

Another thing which they have been doing is this company is striving hard to suit their business strategic application with the local demands. Thus, Ikea is culture-sensitive in its approaches while providing the best products for the specific market. A family-friendly product presentation is at the center of this company’s business strategy. That said, you can just emulate the business strategy of Ikea. For sure, you will be recognized as one of the top providers of effective solutions to the needy public when you follow what this company is actually doing. Be culture-sensitive and make sure that you can produce a product that is focused on user experience perspectives.


When it comes to global branding, ZARA is one of many companies which have been successful through providing trending products. ZARA is a European company which has been successful for years and decades now. Their success is attributed mainly to their ability to create a highly-competitive line of products. This company has known the fact that doing business in a highly competitive market is not that easy. That is why this brand is making sure to provide high-end most recent fashion trends. The in-house product researchers are spending so much time on understanding the present-day demands and needs of the market.

However, they also do not forget the much larger mid-end market. What have they done? Well, they are making sure that the mid-end market is provided with affordable fashionable clothing lines. Because of this approach, they have been able to penetrate almost all countries from all over the world. Even the third-world or developing countries have been penetrated by them because of this approach. Their commitment is about adjusting according to the needs of the market. ZARA’s core values are Beauty, Functionality, Clarity, and Sustainability. They are using these values to penetrate the target market.


Of course, this list of Global Brands Examples cannot be completed without including McDonald’s. This is one of the most renowned brands in the world today. They have been serving the world for almost 70 years now as they started operating on April 15, 1955, in San Bernardino, California, US. In terms of global branding, McDonald’s has taken its pride in franchising. This is their way of penetrating the world. They offer franchises to interested investors or business organizations. Their main mantra is uniformity which is the main essence of franchising.

What is great with this company is their ability to adjust to the culture-based needs of the market. What is the bottom line? Well, McDonald’s, as a global brand, is well-versed in creating foods that are culture-sensitive. We all know that this company is a fast-food chain. They are selling food products. But then, they are trying their best to showcase cultural sensitivity. In what way? For example, in Thailand, McDonald’s is offering Samurai Pork Burger. This food idea is pretty unique to the people of Thailand. Samurai Pork Burger has been added to the universal food menu of this company.


When it comes to the transportation business, Uber is the best choice for a known global brand. Why is it so? Well, this company has been in business for a few years now. Remarkably, they have been recognized as one of the trusted companies when it comes to booking cars for trips and transportation purposes. Meeting the transportation needs of the public is their main focus. Hence, they have been recognized as a credible and legitimate brand to offer vehicles for hire. Every potential user will just download the Uber app and use it to book a scheduled trip.

Instead of getting a taxi service, one can ultimately hire a private chauffeur. If there is trouble with respect to quickly finding transportation, then a person can simply download and use the app of Uber. Right there and then, he or she can find a private driver from anywhere in the world so long as Uber is operating in that particular area. Transportation services, in this sense, are made universal. From wherever you are in the whole world, you can connect to the transportation solution providers. The vehicles that are listed on the Uber system can be hired every time transportation needs arise.



This is another global brand which is popular because lots of people have recognized its existence. L’Oréal is operating in 130 countries globally. In terms of global branding, it can be manifested that this company is innovating their products to suit the needs and demands of the market. When it comes to cosmetics and beauty related products, men and women from all over the world can benefit from the greatness of L’Oréal’s offers. They have become popular because they are able to adjust to the needs of the market based on the present scientific and technological breakthroughs. In other words, they are incorporating science and technology in creating world-class beauty products.

This particular brand has shown great respect to cultural diversity. That being said, lots of people have appreciated what they have been doing. They are investing so much in technology. They are conducting deep scientific research to find new products which can help people uplift their health and beauty indexes. Part of their marketing strategy is to let the market know the essence of in-depth scientific product development coupled by strategic marketing and advertising campaigns. This company has been clever and wise in producing products that are highly marketable to make sustainable profit and income.


This is the last global brand to be explained here. The owner of this company, Jeff Bezos, is the number 2 richest man in the world, just a point behind Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk. Amazon has been in the ecommerce industry for years now. Their brand popularity has been enjoyed by the company due to the fact that lots of consumers have trusted their platforms (the Amazon’s website and app). Well, you can read more statistics about Amazon’s business wonders here. The main emphasis is that this company is a successful global brand because Mr. Bezos has been able to understand the needs and demands of the consumers. His understanding is in line with the present-day business landscape.

The listed sellers on Amazon should see to it that their listings can be found by the buyers and users of products. Amazon has been successful in providing business owners a great opportunity to sell their products. Well, this company is acting like an Internet based mall wherein they allow sellers to sell their unique and effective products. As a result of their painstaking effort to bring their brand to the pedestal of success, Amazon has been recognized as one of the most valuable global brands. Having said that, you should recognize their success as your guide to hit your goals and objectives. Your business can succeed if you will follow Amazon’s footsteps. You can bring your brand to the next level by putting a system which can allow the market to use the Internet for inquiries and purchase purposes.

Wrapping up

The list of 10 Global Brands Examples has already been given above. It is about time for you to decide what is best for your business. You have to think global. Global branding is the key answer to your quest for massive and sustainable profit. You are investing money to earn lots of money in a consistent manner, right? So, make sure that your brand will become popular globally

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