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Guide About TikTok Analytics That Do The Maths For You

Ah, TikTok! A brand-new entertainment tool that has become a buzzword for marketers. The reason is simple – most of the existing and new brands are trying to approach new ways to showcase their products and messages to the world. Here, TikTok plays a key role and works as a marketing channel.

If we just talk about its monthly visitors, they are in billions. More interestingly, ⅓rd of the visitors on TikTok are teenagers and youngsters (between the ages of 15 and 35, which is the golden age group for marketing and branding). Thus, we can say that TikTok has become the voice of your brand, without which your competitors will excel in the marketplaces, and they’ll leave you behind.

Here is an essential strategy that most marketers and strategists miss out on to get more benefits from the TikTok platform: TikTok Analytics. Basically, TikTok analytics let us dive deeper into the insights about what’ll work well for our brand and what’s just a waste of time.

So, follow the footsteps of this guide to know all about TikTok analytics. Also, I’ll share one of my favorite TikTok analytics tools at the end of this topic. Here we go!

What Exactly is TikTok Analytics?

TikTok Analytics are basically some tools and online helping equipment that help you to best see and track your company, brand, or business performance on the platform of TikTok. Now, let’s talk about these tools on a deeper level of understanding. TikTok Analytics tools give you proper insights and details about which of your video(s) are seen the most by the viewers.

In this way, you’ll know the better marketing strategy on TikTok that’ll work for your brand. It is only possible if you see what best resonates with the brand and audience. So, if you check and balance your TikTok account, where you are uploading about your company or brand’s products and services, you’ll grow strategically, not just have a fake hope.

Key Metrics to Track on Your TikTok Account:

Here are a few key metrics that’ll help you to keep track of your TikTok account:

1. Profile Views:

First and foremost, the essential metrics of your TikTok account are profile views. It shows how many users of the TikTok platform have visited your profile and shown interest in your TikTok profile.

You can call it “Brand or Company Interest.” This is a measurement metric that shows people have an interest in your profile, and they search keywords related to your brand and profile.

2. Video Views:

Videos contain the main concerns and answers of the end users and viewers on the TikTok video platform. The metric, video views, tells you how many times the audience saw the video of your brand at a particular time period.

You can also watch the video views of your competitor’s videos and analyze what’s so appealing that they are doing to stand out from the crowd. Here is a simple rule of thumb: the more views your videos get, the more they will get viral, and the more your branding will flourish.

Important Note

Video views by region, especially local and regional views, matter a lot to get successful branding techniques. The products and services of your brand depend on how reliable it is for the local audience!


As its name implies its purpose, the viewers of your videos give you “Likes” to show interest that they love your video content. As a result, the TikTok AI algorithm automatically shows them the type of content they like.

Their future videos on their timeline will be what they like. Moreover, if you create more videos just like the ones they liked before, they’ll see your new videos in their newsfeed/timeline. You know TikTok trending products videos get the most likes from the audience.


Comments are one of the exciting metrics in TikTok accounts. Your viewers comment on your brand videos and show their interest in how they like your products and services and what they like the most.

I have seen comments on various videos where the viewers are just asking for deliveries, ordering their products right in front of us, and sharing their points of view with other commentators. So, the more comments you get on your TikTok videos in a given period, the more your product branding will be successful.

5. Shares & Content Frequency:

People share the content that they like the most, or that intrigues their eyes. The number of shares at a particular time and the number of videos that you are sharing at a given time are other most important metrics of a TikTok account.

Wrapping – Up: Opt A Reputable TikTok Analytics Tool!

Apart from the metrics mentioned above, post engagement rate, average watch time of your videos, video reach, traffic sources, net new followers, gender distribution, and follower activities are other essential metrics of your TikTok account. So, only a trustworthy and secure TikTok Analytics tool can show you all of these metric’s data within a few clicks.

I recommend the Shoplus-TikTok Analytics Tool to all businesses and brands. It is my best choice because it knows how to help your TikTok business and videos go viral.

I hope you enjoyed reading about one of the interesting TikTok marketing and analysis metrics. If you have any questions or suggestions, I’m all ears!

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