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Guide to choosing the bedside table lamps that can add the extra charm to your bedroom


The bedroom is the only place in the world where you feel yourself. It is the homeliest corner of your home. Your bedroom must promise uncompromising comfort and aesthetics. And to offer this comfort, every home decor item in your room must be chosen thoughtfully. Along with offering functionality, the aesthetics of the room should be soothing enough to ease you after a busy, tiring day. One of the few home decoration items online that you can welcome home is table lamps. Not just do they bring functionality to the room making it look well-lit but also add to the aesthetics. A well-lit room looks luxurious and ravishes when put together beautifully. While buying a bedside table lamp for your room, a lot of questions might come to your mind. We are writing this blog to clear all your queries about buying a table lamp for your bedroom. So, keep scrolling to find out. 


What factors should you consider before you buy a table lamp for the bedroom?

Multiple factors can be considered if you want to buy a table lamp for your bedroom.

Design and pattern

The design and pattern of the bedside table lamp should align well with the kind of interiors that you have. If you have vintage and maximalist interiors, choosing a minimalist table lamp for a bedroom is an absurd choice. The lamp would lose its beauty to the elaborate surroundings, making itself look insignificant. Thus, if you have a maximalist home, choose magnificent table lamps while for minimalist and modern interiors, you can go for sleek and suave designs.



The colours that you choose for your bedside table lamp should be in sync with the colour palette of the room. Randomly choosing any piece would make it look out of place. If you have a neutral shade palette that includes white, grey and beige, you can pop it up using bring coloured bedside table lamps. If you have an already peppy and loud palette in the room, we would suggest you go for lighter tones in lamps. This would bring a visual balance to the room. 



Ultimately, the main objective of having a table lamp in your room is to have light. This makes us come to the next point which is a lampshade. The lampshade of the bedside table lamp is extremely important because it will create a vibe in the room. The aesthetics and vibe of a lamp with a light, yellow lampshade will be very different from a lamp with a white lampshade. Table lamps for the bedroom must generally have yellow lampshades, adding a touch of calm and serenity to the interiors.


Size of the lamp

The size of your lamp will also determine the kind of view it will give. Now, what size of a lamp you should have in your room also depends on the purpose of having it. If your sole purpose of keeping a table lamp for a bedroom is aesthetics, you can go for smaller sized lamps. If lighting is your concern, then bigger lamps with large drum shades provide ample lighting. 


What are the types of lamps available?

Just like all home decoration items online, you will find a variety of table lamps for your bedroom or even table lamps for your living. Broadly speaking, you can divide these lamps into two major categories:


Bedside table lamp

A bedside table lamp is a small-sized lamp that you can keep on your side table to add to its beauty. Bedside table lamps are available in a variety of designs, patterns and colours for you to find the one that just fits your home right. The main purpose of a bedside table lamp is to add to the beauty of your bedroom along with providing a little light for reading or doing other chores at night.


Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are generally kept in living rooms. A floor lamp for the living room will have a long, sleek neck with a drum shade higher than that of a table lamp. Floor lamps for the living room are aesthetically pleasing with a vintage touch to them. So, if you have classic home decor, you can buy a floor lamp for your living room


Will a table lamp for the living room differ from a table lamp for the bedroom?

When you buy home decoration items online, you always consider where you are going to put them. Just like that, there is a little difference in the style of table lamps when it comes to keeping them in the living room or bedroom. 

If you are planning to keep them in your bedroom, your first choice should be bedside table lamps. Bedside table lamps add more flair and oomph to your bedroom. You can choose floor maps for your living room. Keeping a floor map in your bedroom will look out of place and absurd. Also, you can go for a more minimalist and sleek design for your living room. While selecting a piece for your bedroom, as it is a more intimate place, go for lavish and ravish home decoration items online.


This was the basic guide to choosing table lamps that will add more charm to your bedroom. Hope you found this blog helpful. Stay tuned to know more! 


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