Hosting an e-auction? Here’s what you should know about free online auction sites

Back in the day, auctions and fundraising events used to be in-person events where people gathered together to support a cause or generate funds. Today, that has changed. With the onset of a global pandemic, everyone and everything has shifted to the inside i.e. the safe walls of our homes. The same has happened with auctions – what was known as an offline-only event has moved to the digital realms, thanks to technology and the internet.

Today, a swarm of free online auction sites is available for anyone interested in hosting an online-only, virtual auction. If your goal is to host an auction or fundraising event today, chances are, you can find a website that is built to solve your specific needs and meet your unique requirements. In the era of technology, e-auction websites have come a long way.

Apart from safety and physical distancing, one might wonder what are the additional benefits of going the online way for hosting auctions and fundraising events? Here are some of the useful advantages of choosing an online auction platform:

  1. Speed: Setting up an online auction is way faster than hosting it as an offline event. One simply needs to sign up or register with one of the trusted free online auction sites to get their e-auction up and running in no time. Time saved is time gained, and thus, one can spend the saved time on building the community.
  2. Scale: Compared to in-person events, online auctions can reach more people, thanks to the unlimited scale of the internet. Whether you are an individual or a large corporation, online auction platforms are equipped to scale with your requirements.
  3. Distribution: The online world is all about distributing and amplifying a message to the community. Since the success of any auction or fundraising event is based on how many people get to see the message and know the cause, e-auctions are a great way to reach more people.

Multi-Currency Support: Not every supporter or donor online is bound to your national currency, and this could mean finding yourself in a soup before accepting donations or funds or losing money to a commission agent. Thankfully, most free online auction sites have already solved this by building multi-currency support inside their platform.

  1. Branding: In the age of personalization and mass-media, the first impression is often the last impression. To increase the chances of success for your online auction or fundraising event, it is important to invest in building a brand. Online auction sites help you establish your brand with custom colours, logos, fonts and names.
  2. Event Management: Setting up any event takes a lot of effort, especially when it comes to inviting the guests, registering them, following-up and reminding them, and selling event related merchandise and goodies. All of this can be taken care of easily by a powerful online auction platform, so you can focus more on the event, and not managing it.
  3. Fully-remote access: Imagine the power to host, run and manage your online auction event from anywhere in the world! Thanks to the power of cloud software, that power can be yours. You can create your auction online, manage attendees and sit back to see the bidding begin, all from the comfort and safety of your home.

Now that we have discussed the numerous advantages of going with an online auction platform, it all comes down to choosing the right service provider for your event. Out of the countless free online auction sites available today, how does one choose the right partner and technology to host a successful auction or fundraising event online?

The answer is – firstly, one should carefully consider all the above mentioned aspects. An ideal online auction platform should be able to cover the basics well enough, and then, offer additional features to further simplify the setup and process of managing an e-auction.

Secondly, one should look for trusted names with a proven reputation or hosting online auctions online. One such names is Charity Auctions Today – a one source platform to help you create an auction, promote it, manage attendees and raise funds online.

A perfect solution for all lovers of online charity auctions, Charity Auctions Today is one of the most reliable online charity auction platforms.

With a state-of-the-art, cutting edge silent auction platform, they provide a reliable user friendly platform that will help you raise the maximum with your auction.

Additionally, Charity Auctions Today has hundreds of features that are easy to use and easily customizable. They also offer powerful third-party integrations such as Paypal and Stripe to make receiving payments and donations hassle-free.

Their platform can work with all devices, has a built-in credit card processor, and contains many social media tools to help you spread the word about  your auction or fundraising event . Your bidders can easily place bids, calculate shipping costs, and offer a sale price.

So, if you are searching for a trusted, seamless and global brand among hundreds of free online auction sites, your search ends at Charity Auctions Today. They have made it easier and simpler for anyone to set up their online auction and turn it into a success in no time.

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