UmiSoul Feng Shui Crystal Bracelet, Necklace and Ring

The unique arrangement of physical pieces of furniture in a home or around the home creates balance with the natural world. Feng Shui harnesses the energy of the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. This ancient philosophy is called Tao, when translated it means ‘the way’.

Feng Shui when translated is ‘wind-water’. The ultimate goal of is to balance the energy or “chi” which is found in all living things.

‘Qi rides the feng (wind) and scatters but is retained when encountering shui (water). The ancients collected it to prevent its dissipation and guided it to assure its retention. Thus, it was called fengshui. According to the laws of fengshui, the site which attracts water is optimum, followed by the site which catches wind.’ From the Zao 4th Century BCE.

To live in harmony with the elements in modern society is not that easy because we are surrounded by concrete buildings and tarred roads. This means that we have to look at alternative methods to maximize the benefits that can be derived from living harmoniously with the environment.

Umisoul is a company that blends Eastern philosophy with fashion trends and have made exclusive jewelry to help balance the elements. All our jewelry is made from natural gemstones, brining the beauty and harmony of nature back into your life through fashion accessories.

Our Feng Shui collection:


Obsidian is nature’s glass formed from volcanic lava which is quickly hardened and forms a crystal stone. Obsidian looks into the inner being the subconscious mind and carries powerful deep healing for the soul. Obsidian provides essential grounding by connecting the spine to heart the earth. It protects and shields from negativity from the environment and others.

Feng Shui Crystal Bracelet

This beautiful Hand-carved Mantra bracelet and gold-plated alloy Pixiu relieves pain and tension, improves circulation, and brings back your spiritual, emotional, and physical health. The Asian dragon Pixiu is known to bring good fortune and money.

Feng Shui Necklace

When you wear the Umisoul Feng Shui necklace around your neck it helps to cleanse your chakras and absorbs all negativity from your aura. This beautiful hand-crafted necklace draws the pain and stress from your physical body, allowing you to enjoy the gratification and good luck that life brings.

Worn as a necklace, this beautiful piece of jewelry allows you to look at the world more optimistically and draws positivity towards your inner being.

The Feng shui necklace enhances blood flow in your veins and ensures that blood flow to your heart balances physical problems when used in conjunction with treatment.

Feng Shui Ring

The Feng Shui ring from Umisoul should be worn daily as it blocks geometric stress and is a remedy for shock and trauma as it releases blockages that may be caused during times of stress.

Wearing the Umisoul Feng Shui ring daily will bring fast money growth and attract wealth and prosperity towards you. Another important fact about this ring is that it does not allow the good luck, prosperity, and wealth to leave you once you have attracted it to your inner being.

This hand-crafted ring will make the achievement of your financial goals much easier to attain and keep once in your possession.

Feng Shui is an important part of everyday life as it wards of negativity and attracts positivity in all aspects, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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